The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, February 09, 2008

We're Still Here...

I know, I know, it's been a long time...AGAIN. To tell you the truth this year we are broke and a little bit boring. I think our fun times will begin to pick up in the next couple of weeks so be looking for some fun updates. We honestly haven't done much in the last several weeks. Two weeks ago was Clate and Fuentes' birthdays and we celebrated with a party at Papi's house in the mountains. I love to go up there where it's peaceful and quiet! Quiet that is until we get there and then all hell breaks loose!! Katie and I went and got a cake for the birthday people before the party and decided to be a little funny and get the candles that relight themselves after being blown out. We were so excited about the cake so we called for everyone to come in and we lit the candles. Keep in mind these little boogers burn fast and there's no stopping them. Just our luck - Clate disappears! Isn't that just like him? Of course we did get told how rude that was of us to light the candles when he was which I let them know we did not do on purpose. Anyway, with Clate away the mice will (still) play and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Fuentes by herself and let her blow to her little heart's content. Wouldn't you know it, Clate shows back up just as the last candles are being removed from the cake...figures! So we decided he needed a candle too - one very large candle. Then the High School secretary, Melissa, told us that he deserved to have his face planted in the cake for disappearing on us like that. Who should hear this but Courtney and you know he's not going to let an opportunity like that pass him by! He of course had to make it realistic so he removed the candle and started going on and on about how it smelled really bad. He got Clate to smell the cake - bad move - and planted his face right in the cake. It really was funny! But then noone wanted to eat the cake after his beardface had been in it. Oh well, they did anyway. We really had a good time.

After that party we really haven't done much. Last weekend we cleaned, did laundry, went to a baseball game on Sunday and did nothing else. This week Katie's friend Jodi and her sister Niki came on Thursday. We were supposed to go to Culebra with them today but then we got invited to a party where they are giving out the official jerseys for the baseball team. We are supposed to go to that at 6:00 tonight but Courtney's been home sick for the last 2 days so those plans are gone now too. I've basically been stuck in our bedroom since Thursday because I'm trying to avoid getting what he has. I was sick last week and I don't want it again. Courtney never gets sick so when he does it's not good. He's had a fever and chills since Wednesday night and it's driving me CRAZY!!! I swear I'm going stir crazy in my house - in my bedroom. I leave every once in a while to say, "How are you?" but I've found it's best to leave him alone. The Dills are on a (hopefully) beautiful and sunny beach on Culebra (oh and Clate's with them) and I'm in my bright orange! This coming week we have a conference in San Juan on Friday so no school and we also have off Monday the 18th for President's Day. Hopefully we can find something fun to do if it's not raining and everyone's healthy. Well, there you have it. An update from PR...exciting, huh?

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