The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Movie weekend

Nothing too exciting this last week or this weekend. We spet much time getting $1.00 movies from the "Redbox" at our local Wally World. This week alone Courtney and I have watched: Rendition, Michael Clayton, The Ultimate Gift, American Gangster, No Reservations, and we went to the cine and saw Juno. We've been really boring lately folks! Basically we know that we will be spending a ton of money that we don't have coming up in the next few months because the countdown to moving has begun. We have friends and family coming for part of Spring break but for those of you that haven't booked tickets to come down yet there is still time!! We will have company over our break from March 17 - March 25 but we still have from March 25 - March 30 with noone so, as they say on The Price is Right, come on down!! We would be thrilled to get to show our island off to as many people as we can. We've decided that we need to take advantage of this place as much as we can because we move home in right at 3 months. Then the actual "living like an adult" will be happening...tear! Anyway - yesterday we discovered that Juno was playing in Guayama and we knew we had to go see it or it will disappear. We tend to not get movies at the same time as the rest of the free world and they don't stay as long. I guess they're a little grumpy about having to read subtitles all of the time. After the movie (you know we go to the movies in the afternoon because noone else does and at night they talk through the entire movie) we went to Doble Seis to see the Guayama Brujos basketball team get their uniforms. We finally got to meet Matt Freije from Kansas! For all you KS basketball fans - Matt is from Overland Park and played for Shawnee West in High School. He went to college at Vanderbilt (I don't know if that's how you spell it, hell I don't even know where it is!) and then played for a little bit for the Atlanta Hawks. He has played 3 seasons here in PR and also with a team in Germany and for the Denver Nuggets. We talked to him for a while and he is the nicest. He thought it was pretty cool that he was talking to some good ole KS folk (of course some good ole SD and CO folk too!). Courtney of course had to ask him if he was one of those Johnson County people who liked Missouri sports to which he replied, "Oh, no! I hate Missouri!" As you can imagine, Courtney was thrilled! (Sorry Trav!) For those of you not from KS or Missouri that won't make much sense... Let me just say that I have never felt so small in my life and it was kind of freaky. I'm not used to being around basketball players because we are more football/wrestling people. Those men are HUGE!! Matt is 6'9" tall so even Brent and Courtney looked small against him! I stood back a little ways so I wouldn't get a pain in my neck. Today will be spent doing pretty much nothing, I think. Maybe we'll take Miller to the beach (to try out his lifejacket) or maybe we'll go to Caguas to the Cigar Museum - who knows! All I do know is this week will be insane for me. Tomorrow my class is dismissed at 12:30 for me to go training to give the first grade entrance exam. (Kate and another 1st grade teacher are going too - who knows why they asked us!!) Thursday I have a sub to give the exam and then Friday is our field trip. I will need a stiff drink after that experience on Friday I'm sure!! Have a great week and BUY THOSE PLANE TICKETS!!

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I can't believe how long your hair is! It looks really cute.