The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Horses, horses, horses...

Katie - I couldn't have named it better myself! This has been a somewhat fun weekend for the Casa Benny household. We started out on Friday by going to Doble Seis to celebrate Leap Year. Oh you know we come up with any excuse to celebrate that we can! I got there late because we had our first grade field trip which! Anyway - we had a fun night of Karaoke and drinks. We also talked about how much we will miss being with our friends down here. I can't believe we move back to Kansas in about 12 weeks! We are looking forward to coming home but at the same time we are sad to leave our friends. I've already been informed that I will be tired of visits from Puerto Rican Godmothers and Godfathers...nah, I won't get tired of it!! Move to Saturday which was spent at the Feria Dulce Sueno. The annual fair for the Paso Fino competition is a big deal here. We went and looked at the vendors and then watched the competition. Well, we waited for about an hour and then watched. They were definitely on Puerto Rican time. The most interesting person there was a trainer in the competition who ran to make his horse do the fancy Paso Fino trot. We started calling him Katie's man because she thought he was hillarious. Katie and I bought a heart keychain split in half that says "Amigas" on both sides. Aren't we cute? Tonight we're off to watch the first Guayama Brujos basketball home game. It will be a late night for us before school tomorrow. Here are a few pics from Friday and the fair.

I am finally getting to post this on Monday after we spent muchos hours at the basketball game last night. We stuck around and saw Freije after and ended up going to Doble Seis and hanging out for a while. It was a rough morning getting up but it was worth it. He was so nice! New friend...ain't it great?!

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