The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Home Sweet Home (not yet but almost)

We had our inspection today so I finally got inside to take some pictures of our house empty. The people who lived there before us are the sweetest, cutest people ever! In the fridge were 4 beers, in the downstairs bedroom was a bed, and on the countertop was a book and sweet note. The book is all about the house, the neighbors, and everything I need to know about every kind of flower on the property - including pictures of each flower in bloom. The note was so sweet - those are the kind of people you WANT to buy a house from. They put so much love in to that house and I promise them we will do the same. I'll put up a few pictures for now and I promise I'll put up more when we finally move in. We're almost ready for visitors...
The pictures: 1 & 2) The front of the house; 3) the AMAZING deck (it's 2 tiers and has built in bench seating on the 2nd tier! We're gonna have some great parties!); 4 & 5) Apples, anyone?; 6) Where Chef Kelly will cook; 7) Whirlpool, anyone?

I think that's good for now - oh I'm such a tease!! Our inspection went smoothly and hopefully the adjustments needed will follow just as smoothly. Our next step is getting insurance (decision to be made tonight) and then put the loan through! We're on the downhill slope leading to moving in!! I'll keep you posted (get it?)!


Curt said...

yup Im gonna have to pee off of that deck

Fuentes said...

The House is Beautiful!!!
I want to see pics of my room...Rendon's room ... Lisa's room...Paquita's room etc. etc.

Best of luck in your new home and many Bleesings.
Love you both

ashley said...

beautiful home I love the sweet note from the previous owners I think that is a great idea! can't wait to see the whole house good to have you guys back!!