The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The drama that is Miller's life

Poor Miller! He's had a rough time of it lately. First he was having problems with his claw. We think we let them get too long when we moved back because our clippers were packed away and when we was digging it just split open. I took him to the vet and he put Miller under and clipped it back as far as he could and filed it down. I sat at the vet's office for 2 hours for the surgery and then his recovery. That was a trip! When he "came to" they got him standing up but he wouldn't walk. They called me back thinking if he saw and heard me he might start walking. I got back there and he could hear me but he couldn't focus. He looked like my very own Stevie Wonder dog! Then when he started getting feeling back in his tongue he kept sticking the tip of it out. It was kind of cute! I got him home and we babied him for the rest of the night. The doctor said he needed to keep the bandage on his paw for 5 days but of course we didn't think he would wear it that long. That was on Wednesday. Then on Friday we went home to Minneapolis to help mom and dad with moving the rest of their things from their house. We were staying with Sharon & Wilbur because my parents stay with Grandma and there aren't enough beds for us also. Sharon & Wilbur live on the "outskirts" of Minneapolis - basically in the country. There are all sorts of critters at their house - not counting Curtis' now 7 dogs. We had let the boys run around outside with Curt's and Travis' dogs when we heard a terrible noise. We ran out to see what was going on and that's when we saw the mountain lion. We had heard these hung out in that area but had never seen one. We tried to get the dogs away from it but you know Miller! We sent Curtis in to get a shotgun while the rest of us threw things at it. Next thing we knew Miller was racing towards it. It was crazy! It really felt like a scene from a movie! By the time Curtis got out to shoot it Miller had gotten too close and that damn lion got his ear! We had to rush him to the vet to get bandaged up (hence the bandage on his ear). Of course he was pretty bloody on his face and head. So now he had a bandaged head and paw. He was such a good boy and kept the bandage on his paw for the full 5 days. I would say Miller had a bad week!

My bad! It was Odie, not a mountain lion!!


ScottE. said...

Oh no! Silly dog.

Give him some hugs and love for us.

ScottE. said...

What's an Odie?

Someone else's doggy?

I was about to run to J-lo saying you're pup was attacked by a Mt. Lion! Shame on your for tricking me.

Dancer in DC said...

I have been bamboozled!

Poor Meal-ler! Give his belly a little rub for us.

curt said...

I wish it had really been that was only bobcat...not nearly as deadly

Mar said...

Poor pup....but very, very brave! Our dog, Buddy(96 pound Golden/Lab mixed) was on a leash and a small, loose, white terrier growled and lunged at him in April. Buddy protected me.....and "Dorothy" ended up in surgery to close up the bites on her hind end! It was terrifying to watch and difficult to pull my dog off!