The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Royals game

It's been a while again. I am guessing posts will be a little farther in between since we're back home. I'll still try to put up some interesting things but I'm afraid our lives are a little boring now! Last week we went with some friends to a Royals game. We had a blast! Keep in mind though that we were at a ROYALS game which means they lost. We kept tying up and then leading, but in the bottom of the 13th (yep, 13) we were down 1, we got the bases loaded with only 1 out. We brought out the big guns - Grudz...something. I asked Courtney if he was a good hitter. "Oh yeah, he'll do great!" And then it happened. Double out. How are you gonna double out with bases loaded and only 1 out?!?!? The game started at 7:05 and we were finally headed home at 11:45. Damn Royals!!! Here are some pics from that night.

The Marshes at the game - Ben let me wear his hat because it started raining.

The gang's all here!! The 14 (counting photographer Courtney) of us at the game.

The largest screen in the MLB. Everything's bigger in Kansas, not Texas! (Although I think technically we were in Missouri)

Jorge - do you play for the Royals? We thought this guy looked like our little Jorge!

This is Baxter, one glorious hound.

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