The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A busy last several weeks.

Last weekend we made the long drive to Hays for State Wrestling. We had a good time with pretty good results. When you think that the last time a wrestler from PRHS placed was 10 years ago and the last champ we had was even longer than that - taking 3 and placing 1 is pretty good! Our 171 pounder got beat out Friday night, our 160 pounder made it to Saturday and lost his 2nd match in the round before placing. He lost by 1 point - heartbreaking! Our 215 pounder lost in semi-finals but took the long road back and got 3rd place. He deserved it. He's a good kid, he's a senior, he needed to place. So, in case you were wondering, our son will not have the middle name Jedi! Now will that stop the wrestlers or my husband from calling him that? I doubt it! He is destined to be called Jedi, even if it's not his name! This weekend we were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to watch the Luther College wrestlers at the Division III National Championships. Our boy Allyn was wrestling and so was his cousin, Jason. They both lost in their first round on Friday am but won in the next that afternoon. Friday night Jason won to move on to Saturday and Allyn lost. Correction - Allyn got jipped! His match went in to overtime and the other guy ended up winning 4-3. The problem: he only earned 1 of those 4 points when Allyn cut him so he got an escape. The other 3 points were penalty points against Allyn which weren't exactly warranted. One of them probably was for locked hands but the other 2 were stalling on Allyn when they were both standing up doing the exact same thing. It was a really disappointing way for him to end his wrestling career. Had he won that match he would have been an All American and he wanted that really bad. We feel terrible for him but there's nothing we can do about it. It's just something he'll have to live with. We still don't think he did too shabby though - top 10 in the Nation's not bad!!! We stuck around for the first round on Saturday morning which Jason lost but he then came back and got 7th place. After watching that round Saturday we left and met some of Katie & Brent's friends that live in Cedar Rapids. We felt like we already knew them because we've heard so much about them. We met for lunch and had a really nice time. They all met in college in South Dakota and now Greg & Misty live in Cedar Rapids with their 2 kids. Those kids are so adorable and well behaved!! They are really nice people and hopefully we can see them again sometime. Can you believe Kate is due in like 4 weeks?! I think she'll go a little early which would be fine with me! That way we could meet Hattie when we travel to TX in April. If she's not here by then we might not go - we don't want to stress Kate out at all. I'll be 7 months along by then which also doesn't seem possible. Things are going well with the pregnancy so far. I feel him kicking every day which is fun. Courtney has felt him a few times but it's still not always strong enough. I'm pretty sure the boy will be a wrestler too - he kicks alot when we're watching wrestling matches! Here are a few pictures from our weekend. Have a great week and tune in next week sometime for pictures of my baby shower. My shower is next Saturday (the 14th) in Minneapolis. I can't wait! Courtney's going to Mpls. on Friday to help my dad out with a few things because my parents sold their house (finally!!). Mom is coming to spend the night here Friday night so we can pick up Joy at the airport Saturday morning and then we'll drive to Minneapolis. After next weekend our lives should slow down a little...just in time for baseball games! Wow is this school year zooming by!

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The Holzwarth's said...

Glad you guys made it home safe!! It was great finally getting to meet the two of you! Like we both keep saying, it feels like we already knew you guys! So fun to finally meet! Thanks for sticking around so we could have lunch with you guys. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, we will be keeping up with your blog. Can't wait to see pictures of baby Marsh when he arrives! :)