The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

One Month Old

We can't believe our baby boy is 1 month old already!! Some days it feels like he's been here forever and other days it feels like just yesterday I was in labor. He had his 1 month Dr. appointment on Monday and we found out he is continuing to grow! He now weighs 7 lbs. 15 oz. (2 lbs. heavier than birth!) and is 20.5" long (1 full inch longer!). He is still having latching issues and pooping issues so he's still getting bottles for now. We have to keep giving him Caro syrup with every bottle. I hope that clears itself up soon! We were supposed to have his newborn pictures done tomorrow morning but his skin doesn't look too great right now so we've decided to wait until it clears up. He has the lovely baby acne and his head is peeling. Not sure if that's because his head is growing so fast o rwhat but it's annoying! I really wanted to do his newborn pics while Joy is here to have pictures taken with her but oh well!

Monday after our appointment we did a little shopping and then went home. That night Shelby called us and the Hardesty clan was going to be at The Legends to eat and she wanted us to come up so they could meet the baby. All it took was for her to say they were eating at Hooters and Courtney was in! So, yes, at 1 month of age our boy had his first experience at Hooters. The funny part is that our waitress was the same one as we had 3 days before Cael was born. As we were walking in I said to Courtney, "Wouldn't it be weird if we had the same waitress and she could see the baby?!" As soon as we walked in - there she was! Ha! We decided since it was his first trip there he needed his picture taken with his Hooters girl. How funny!

On Tuesday I picked up Joy from the airport. We spent Tuesday together and then Wednesday Courtney, Mom & Dad sent us to a spa for the afternoon. We both got hour long massages (ssssoooo good!!), manicures & pedicures. It was the most relaxing 3 1/2 hours ever! My husband has been so amazing this last month. I can't believe some of the things he has done for us. He cleans the entire house, he does laundry, he takes care of the yard work and yet he still has time to feed the baby and change him. I know he does all of this so I won't have to and because he appreciates everything that I have been through. Thursday Joy & I are going to go buy him a gift to say thank you.

Friday Aunt Sandi is coming up to see Joy. Sunday we have Anna's birthday and Monday Joy leaves to go back to DC. It's been a fast week already!! I can't believe I start work again in a month!! Luckily on Monday Courtney & I found our day care for Cael. Thank goodness that all worked out. Thank you Amanda for finding Tracy for us!! I think we'll be really happy with the care he will get. Being happy with actually leaving him is a different story! I am definitely not looking forward to the first time I drop him off.

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