The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Our long weekend...

...was great!! There's nothing better than getting to spend an extra day at home with your son! Friday night we took Cael to his first real football game. No scrimmage this time! He did so good. He fell asleep in the 2nd quarter and then woke up by halftime and stayed awake for the rest of the game. We got him home and he slept for his 7 hours again. Oh thank you, Cael!

After we got home from the game Sharon & Wilbur were here. Nicole won some tickets to the car show at the racetrack for the weekend so we went with them. Cael did a great job! He just hung out in his car seat & stroller. Poor guy even got his diaper changed on the ground in front of thousands of people. And we took pictures of him with a couple of cars because, well, he looked really cute up against them! I had to make Courtney stand him up by a huge tire to show how little he was and we had to set him by the General Lee. The guy in the car beside the General starting singing the Dukes song. It was funny!

By the time we got home from the car show Granddad Calvin & Grandma Donna were here. They hadn't seen Cael in 7 weeks!! They could not believe how big he is. We had a good couple of days with them. They left yesterday afternoon and then Jared (aka Tio Hughes) came to say goodbye before he heads to Lisbon, Portugal to live and work. I'm not sure how long he'll be there but he'll be back at boy will be much different then! I didn't take any pictures Sunday or Monday - I know it's shocking - but here are a few we've taken in the last couple of weeks. Oh - our little man is SO STINKING CUTE!!!

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