The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cross Country comes to an end and our little R2D2

We survived Courtney's first year of coaching cross country!  Mommy wasn't always very good with it....okay I'll be honest I hated it!  But if he decides to do it next year I will be more prepared and I will enjoy it more.  We had state in Wamego on Saturday.  Courtney & I were up at 4:00 Saturday morning to leave at 5:30.  Cael go to sleep on Mommy on the way there (ssshhhh!!!  Don't tell!) and woke up as Daddy was ordering McDonalds for breakfast of course!  Courtney's boy got 33rd and his girl got 7th.  There were some insanely fast runners there!  Here's a pic of Cael's Uncle Pineau, Daniel & I think her name is Jennifer playing in the dirt.
Cael loves to drink out of our big cups from the hospital.  He was fussing on the way home so I gave him my cup to get him quiet.  It's such a big cup for such a little boy!

On Sunday we went "trick or treating" at our neighbor's house.  Cael tried to make a break for it out Max's doggy door!  He couldn't quite fit but I'm sure that won't stop him from trying again.
We went over to Mrs. Tracy's to show off little R2D2.  He was going to be Handy Manny but Courtney & I saw this costume and had to buy it.  Since he was Yoda last year it only seemed fitting for him to keep up with the Star Wars costumes.  Who knows what he'll be next year!!  Cael had a blast playing in the leaves. 

I love this picture!!  I love how the leaf was right by his face!
 Yes he does sort of look like a girl in a clown dress once his hat was off but oh well - he's still freaking adorable!!!

 Daddy caught him running around so we could go home.  He had a great day! 

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