The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun with the neighbors!

Today we had a day off for Veteran's Day.  Courtney spent the morning getting the van cleaned up & doing some maintenance on it before its big trip next week.  I was trying to clean but Cael makes that very difficult some times....okay most of the time!  It took me 2 hours to get the dishes done because of Mr. Boy.  After that I decided we would just go outside & play for a while.  The neighbors were outside & they love Cael!  He went right over to the fence & wanted to go in their yard.  He decided he needed to help them do some work around the house by digging and he had to help with yardwork.  So helpful!  We spent a long time outside & then it got pretty cold.  We went inside & had lunch and then he went to sleep for over 3 hours!!!  I had to wake him up or he won't sleep tonight!  I hope he sleeps tonight!  We have work tomorrow, Courtney has kids & I just have inservice, and then Saturday Cael has a haircut (well, trim) and we're going to mom & dad's for lunch with Aunt Sandi.  Sunday Courtney is going to the opera with Clamurro but I am staying home with Cael.  He leaves next Friday to drive to D.C. with mom & dad and I want to spend his last weekend before the trip with him.  They leave on Friday & will get to D.C. sometime Sunday then Courtney & I will fly out on Tuesday evening.  Cael's going to fly home with us the following Sunday.  I am going to miss him so much!!!  That will be the longest I've been away from him AND the farthest away he's ever been from me.  Courtney's done it before when he went to wrestling camp but I haven't.  Hopefully it will go fast! 

On a side note: Hollyn Dill will make her arrival tomorrow morning!!!  I will be anxiously waiting for a picture message!!!!  I can't wait to see if she will have bright red hair like Hattie!  I will post a picture when I get one!  Good luck, Kate!  We love you guys & miss you!!

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