The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, September 05, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Courtney had his first cross country meet last Thursday and Cael & I went to watch.  Probably the last one we'll go watch.  The meets start at 4:00 and they are anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour away.  There's no way we would even get there until they are halfway over.  That's fine though - we get bored watching them.  You don't get to watch much!  And Courtney is so busy there he would run past us and Cael would try to get his attention and be sad when daddy wouldn't even wave.  :(  Oh well!  I wanted a picture of daddy & Cael at his first meet but Courtney was too busy.  So I had to settle for a picture of Cael & Carol (Amy Bergman's grandma) playing with Amy's phone.  See how exciting it was for him?

Friday night we went to the first home football game of the year.  Cael was a trooper!  He did great!  We played in the stands, ate lots of M & Ms, played football in the grass & played with Koontz's kids.  (Koontz is the head baseball coach)  I wanted to get a family pic at the football game but left the camera in the car.  I swear I can't win for losing!

Saturday morning Sharon & Wilbur came up for the weekend.  Courtney, Wilbur & my dad went to the car show at the racetrack.  We've gone the last 2 years & taken Cael but this year we decided he might have an issue with not touching the cars.  So mom, Cael, Sharon & I stayed home.  We really didn't do anything and it was so nice!  It was nice to get to relax & play with Cael for a day.  That night Dustin, Monica & Gunner came up.  We all went to eat at Fritz's in Shawnee.  You order your food on a phone at your table.  There are trains along the top of the wall by the ceiling & they put your food on a train & it delivers it to you.  Cael went there on Thursday with daycare & loved it!  Well Saturday night Cael was not as excited.  He found a video poker machine & wanted to play that instead.  Then he screamed when it was time to eat.  So instead he sat outside while we ate.  Of course this wouldn't go as I planned!  He did ride a little train there & had a good time!

Yesterday we went to the Royals game.  We were pretty excited to take Cael to his first pro baseball game!  He did so good!  It helped that he had 6 different laps to crawl across so he didn't get bored.  And we were seated pretty close to the jumbo screen so he could watch everything.  I'm pretty sure he wants one of those tvs at his house now!  Didn't get as man pictures as I wanted but oh well.  

Today has been spent doing little to nothing.  We've played and that's about it.  Courtney's at cross country practice :( so it's just me & Mr. Boy.  We're going home in a few weeks & Joy will be here for Grandma Butler's 80th birthday.  Should be fun!

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