The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September updates

Curtis let me know that I, once again, suck at updating this here blog.  So I am updating now & plan on updating next weekend also.  (Who will be checking??)  Let's see, what's been going on....

Nothing really!  Courtney's gone a lot for cross country.  Cael & I don't go watch for a couple of reasons.  Mainly it's boring to watch & they all start at 4:00 which makes it really hard for us to get there.  Tuesday they go to Tongie & it doesn't start until 4:45 but I just don't know if we'll go.  I'm glad that he has something that he enjoys doing but it gets really really old with him gone all. the. time.  And when he is home he's on the phone talking or texting about it!  He can get home from practice at 6:00 and by 6:30 he's on the phone or texting about it.  I don't get as upset about wrestling or baseball because I enjoy going to watch those.  And even though he's gone so much during those they don't consume his every thought when he's home.  I guess I just don't understand it.  And of course this week he's got parent/teacher conferences Monday & Wednesday until 8:00.  The one thing that makes it okay is it makes for a lot of quality mommy & Cael time!

I had a rough week at school last week & I am very excited about getting this new week started.  I'm ready to start fresh without the drama.  Seriously there is a lot of drama.  In Kindergarten.  DRAMA!  I actually had a few thoughts about my career last week with all the drama.  Thought 1: I remember how to work at Wal-Mart and I'll bet I'd be really good at it!  Thought 2: I could change grade levels at the end of the school year.  Thought 3: Maybe, just maybe, this will be my year to become an alcoholic!  We had a meeting with our Principal on Thursday & I shared my thoughts with her.  She was having the same sort of week & said she might become an alcoholic also.  We decided we could all go to AA together!

Cael spent the night on Friday night with mom & dad so Courtney & I could have a date night.  Well, maybe it wasn't for that reason but it sounds good.  We went to the Elephant Bar for dinner (delicious!) and then bowling in Lansing.  We had fun!  Then yesterday I got all of my school stuff done & Courtney cleaned the house.  Yeah, I know, I should have helped.  Planning took a long time because I have a sub for 1/2 day on Tuesday so I can go to my Technology Leadership Academy training.  I HATE the first time I have a sub for the year!  Cael had a great time with Grammy & Papa until bedtime.  He was saying, "Mama home!" and woke up at 3:00 in the morning saying the same thing.  I guess it's been too long since he's spent the night away from mommy!

Last week I bought a desk & chair from a mom of mine from last year for Cael.  We brought it home & cleaned it up together and he set to work on his first masterpiece.  He loves it!!  I bought him some washable crayons & he colored a picture for Bogum's 80th birthday next weekend.  We'll be going home next Friday for Grandma Butler's (Bogum) 80th birthday on Sunday.  I'm hoping to get lots of pictures of all of us together to put up here next weekend.  Cael even got a haircut yesterday to be ready!!

Here are a few pix of Cael at his new desk.

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