The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helping Mommy in the kitchen!!

Mommy was feeling brave this morning and I let Cael help me out in the kitchen.  He had so much fun - I don't know what I was scared of!  Yes by the end of it the floor was a mess, the countertops were a mess & we were both messes but we had a great time!!

I even let him pour stuff into the bread machine!

 And beat the eggs....

He closed the lid & helped me count to get it on the right setting.

Look at that!


 He LOVED rolling out the dough.....

And slapping the melted butter on.....

 And slapping on the yummy filling....

 Look what I made!!!  Yummy homemade cinnamon rolls, anyone?

And to finish, he even "did the dishes"!!  Wow - my boy is growing up!

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