The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 02, 2012

September Family Date

One of Courtney's birthday presents was a book with 12 envelopes in it, 1 envelope for every month for the next year.  Inside each envelope is a date for us to go on.  Some of the dates are "family dates" and we had our first one today!  Sharon & Wilbur were here for the weekend for the car show out at the racetrack yesterday.  It worked out perfect because Sharon watched Cael while I went to help photograph a wedding.  This morning we got up and drove to Platte City for our family date at the apple orchard.  We had a great time!!

Not too sure about the chickens at first.
He was explaining to the chickens that he didn't have any food!

A little freaked out by the cat.
His first apple of the day!

Cael with his apples!  He wouldn't smile until we had him say "chickens"!

So we had to feed the chickens.

Go Uncle Wilbur!

He met a friend on the swings.

He said, "Come into we house!"

He said "manure"!  (He was apparently sitting on a manure spreader)
He picked out a sugar cookie & then only ate the sprinkles & frosting.
He hit a wall and did not want to have his picture taken with the "apple man".

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