The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, April 02, 2007

For Joy...

I am writing this entry at the urging of my sister, Joy. I talked to her on the phone tonight and she said I need to update. We really haven't done too much in the last couple of weeks which is why I've fallen down on the job. Please, please, oh joyous one, forgive me!! Here's what's been happening since the Noon clan left. The entire next week was spent relaxing and doing laundry. We had a 3 day weekend so we spent the entire day Friday doing laundry. On Saturday we wanted to do something a little different so we went to a pool owned by the hotel and bar we like alot, Brandemar. For $5.00 you can spend the day swimming without being a guest at the hotel. You would think with as much money as they make off of the 4 of us they cold cut us a deal and let us in for, oh, I don't know, FREE! Anyway...there is a lovely picture of me being a swimming pool mertard on Katie and Brent's blog but I didn't think I needed to share it here. Kate and I want to become better snorkelers so we took our gear and practiced in the pool. Courtney threw money in the pool so we'd have some "treasure" to find. We are fabulous snorkelers now!! We also found out that we will have mucho visitors in July and we are very excited! Our friend Marilyn from Sabetha is coming in July and the day that she leaves Courtney's cousins come. We can't wait! We are coming home in June for about 2 weeks so those of you who won't come visit (I'm frowning at you now) will still have a chance to see us. Moving on....last week was a full week of school, kind of. We had GPS' Annual Game Day on Friday. It was insane! The 1-3 graders arrived at 8:00 and played games like: water balloon pass, shoe race, relay race, jump rope race, etc. until 9:30. Then the 4-6 graders arrived and played from 9:30-11:30 then we go tot go home. That was the best part! There's nothing better than coming home in the middle of the afternoon, unless of course you're talking about...SPRING BREAK!!! Yippy Skippy People! We had school today, we have it tomorrow, and we have it Wednesday and then we're off until, are you ready for this?! APRIL 17!!!! Twelve days of spring break bliss are headed our way! We are so ready! Brent's parents arrive tomorrow and Thursday morning, bright and early, we're off to Vieques. Vieques is a little island off of PR once used by the US military for bomb testings and what not. Brent's dad, Ricky, was stationed there when he was enlisted. Cool, huh? I think it will be very interesting for him to go back and see it now...sure it's changed a little. The boys have an all day fly fishing trip on Friday so Kathy, Brent's mom, Katie and I will fend for ourselves on the beach for the day...tough life, I know! Trust me, there will be pictures on the next post. The rest of our days have been filled with school, cleaning, laundry, and combo dinner nights with the Dills. We've been talking alot lately about how our time here is already half over. It doesn't seem possible that we've been here for that long! If we come home after our 2 years (which is more likely than not) we'll need to have that decision made, hopefully some connections for jobs made, and be thinking about a house at this time next year! It's going so much faster than I thought it would. I can say that even with the bad times we've had here(believe it or not there have been a know that if you've read carefully!) we are still loving (and learning from) every minute here. We wouldn't change this experience or the friends we've made in the Dills for anything! HELLO...JOY....ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?! When are you coming to visit?


joyous said...

Yes I am, thank you very much.

You know I'm going to go find that picture of you on the Dill's site.

And I'll be there in June. So there.

Kelly Marsh said...

Did you find the picture yet?

joyous said...

Yes I did. You do not look like a mertard. You look very cute.