The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Spring!

Okay, so we got back from Vieques and had our Easter so it should have been time for the spring break fun to begin, right? Unfortunately the Marsh family didn't do it that way. We got up Monday morning and I was sick. I ended up staying in bed with a fever on Monday and Tuesday. So much for finding something fun to do. By Wednesday I felt a little better so we decided to go to Ponce to the art museum and had a few other things on our list. By the time we ate lunch and walked through the museum I was beat and couldn't do anything else. The art museum is really nice. There was one main painting Courtney wanted to see which is the Flaming June. It really is stunning. The picture is a little fuzzy because I did it without the flash so it wouldn't glare but here's a picture I took of the original Flaming June.

We also saw some paintings of Saint Jerome who is the Patron Saint of Translating. I bought Courtney a Saint Jerome medal several years ago because I thought it was neat. No, we aren't Catholic but I liked it so I bought it. I've never seen pictures of Saint Jerome before so I was pretty excited. We drove back to Guayama and I had a fever again. I was so tired of sitting at home thought that I sucked it up and we went to see a movie. I figured sitting in the freezing movie theatre would be good for comments needed. We went and saw Blades of Glory and it was retarded yet funny. By the time we got home the Dills were home from their outing and we all got pizza for dinner. On Thursday morning the boys all went fishing so I stayed home and cleaned house. I was so bored when I got done that I took pictures of the dogs. As you can see they were very excited to have their pictures taken!

Friday morning we got up and went beach exploring. We found a new beach that looks very nice and calm but no pets are allowed. Then we drove to one of the beaches we really like and had a picnic and then went swimming at the Brandemar pool. The sea was really rough on Friday so I couldn't even go swimming or to try out my new boogie board. Yesterday the Dills went on an outing to the North part of the island for horseback riding which Courtney and I will be doing in a month for our 5 year anniversary so we got up and went fishing. I learned how to tie on a sinker and a hook, I baited the hook, and learned how to cast. Basically I'm a pro now! Unfortunately we caught fish for lunch! As you can see, I am a very determined fisher...

After catching, well, nothing, we came home and did laundry, went groccery shopping, and played games. It's really not been that exciting of a spring break but I guess that's okay because it kept us from spending a lot of money. We have no plans for today. Courtney needs to put new front brakes on our Rodeo and I'm going to make lunch and do some crafty stuff...or at least attempt it. Hope everyone had a great week and weekend!

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