The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kittens and Karaoke...

Well - I still don't have the pictures to show you to explain the excitement of last Monday. I'll try to explain it and hopefully will have some pictures this week. Last Monday I laid in bed and said to my hubby, " Wouldn't it be great if we got to school and there was no electricity so they would send us home?" That was met with a laugh from Courtney, we got ready for school, and left. When we got there, you guessed it, no electricity! If you recall this happened once already and we were electricity-less for 4 hours. We went to get the kids and took them into our dark rooms. One of my boys came to me and said, "Missy there's a rabbit in the hallway." Okay there are no rabbits in Puerto Rico...what are you talking about? After hearing this 3 times I finally told him to show Missy. He took me to a corner in the hallway and there it was...a new baby kitten! I picked it up and what should happen?! Another new baby kitten underneath! What was I supposed to do? I picked them both up and put them in a box. I told my husband that I couldn't leave them there because if an older student found them they'd probably do something mean because that's how most older kids here are. I told him I would have to take them home that night because I refused to leave them there. Okay so now I have no lights, 19 insane students, and 2 baby kittens in a box (are you singing "And a partridge in a pear tree" yet?!). About that time the principal comes in and says to use the cell phones of any students that have them and call their parents to come get them. Am I psychic or what?! I asked my kiddos, "Do any of you have a phone in your bag?" To which they replied, "Missy we're little kids!!" So I got out my cell and called one of my parents that I knew spoke English. Within at hour or so all students were gone and....the lights came on!! Now I'm student-less with 2 baby kittens. Courtney started telling other teachers about my new babies so I had people coming to ooh and aah at them. One teacher came with her phone, called a friend and took one of the babies. We went home with 1 kitten and I went to get formula. While I was out the mother of one of Brent's kids came and took the other one. So...we had a 1/2 day of school, rescued 2 babies, and found them new homes...all in a 1/2 days work! Moving on to the weekend...on Friday night we tried to go to a Guayama Brujos basketball game. We read on the Internet that one of the players is from Overland Park, KS. We got to the game early and they were already sold out. So we went home and were bored. Katie convinced Brent to go look for a movie and he took a detour to a game store in the mall. You see, Katie and I have been trying to talk Brent into buying a Karaoke or American Idol game for his Xbox for weeks now. Well - he found some games so we went and bought one! As soon as we got home we busted out the beer and got to singing. We made our own characters, dressed them, and started singing for scores. I let my inner rock star out singing "I Love Rock and Roll" my first time up and got a perfect 30,000! Yep - I'm a platinum artist! We all did an awesome job if I do say so myself. I think it's safe to say I've become an addict. I want to be at the Dill house singing all the time. In fact - last night when we got home (next story) we started singing. The Nuggets were playing so Brent went to our house to watch the game. Next thing you know Brent, Katie, and Courtney are at our house watching the game and I'm left alone with the microphone. I felt like a huge dork so I quit! Do you think they were trying to give me a hint? We haven't been singing today and yes I'm a little bummed. I even got on the Internet today to try to find a way to get more songs...I think I might need some help! These are pictures from Friday night when the fun started. I believe Courtney was singing "Me and Bobby McGee", a song we "unlocked" by getting a platinum score. We also "unlocked" several new outfits for our contestants including a cat outfit, a devil outfit, a long denim skirt, and a bathrobe. Yesterday during the day we went on a road trip with Mendez to Aquadilla to see the Puerto Rico Airshow Extraveganza. The Blue Angels were supposed to be there but cancelled due to the accident last week. We did however see one Blue Angel. They aren't took exciting when it's just one of them. There were some other cool air displays but the rest of it was walking around and walking through other US Military planes. It was pretty exciting for Courtney and I because several of the planes were from good ole Kansas! We met a pilot from McConnell Air Force Base, saw several Beechcraft planes, and found a plaque from Raytheon. Here are a few pictures of our KS connection.
We also saw a Hummer vehicle that belongs to the Puerto Rico National Guard so Katie and I had to climb in. They had an Xbox (I think) in the back hooked up to a big screen so there were little kids playing. There was an ARMY recruiting tent that we went to look at because I told Courtney it would be funny if our friend Dave Williams was there. He had to go look to see if I was really psychic...didn't work this time. There were some men walking around with machine guns that you could hold so Katie and I took turns being G.I. Jane. Mendez called my pose the Jane Fonda. Katie and I are known for having out pictures taken with random statues of animals or mascots or just crazy things. This time we find the lightbulb mascot for the always fantastic Puerto Rico Electric Company. We can't remember the full name it said on his back but we lovingly refer to him as Bombi.

Here are pictures of some of the helicopters, fighter jets, etc. that we saw. We were able to walk through 2 and even got into the cockpit. The first picture is a HUGE machine! It was posted how much would fill the plane so Courtney put it in terms I would understand. This plane would hold 4 semi loads of wheat!! That's a lot of room! We also saw a Coast Gaurd demonstration. We kept waiting for Aston Kutcher and Kevin Costner to come out like they did in "The Gaurdian" but they didn't. It's amazing how still they can keep those helicopters. It was very windy yesterday and I know it's ten times worse when they're trying to hover over the ocean in a storm with waves pounding them. All I know is the people we saw yesterday have steady hands and strong stomachs! PS: anyone who wants to know of a good gift to buy my Xbox would be fabulous! Please help support Kelly's karaoke habit!! ;) Good one, huh?!


joyous said...

That is one seriously hot picture, Stinky. Even the gay boys in my office were turned on by you.

I'm still kicking your butt at karaoke.

Kelly Marsh said...

Bring it on, sister! I've got 1 month to get ready for a Karaoke-off. You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine!