The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey...Are those people naked?

What an interesting Columbus Day Weekend! We took it easy on Saturday because I've been sick for the last week (real nice when I'm supposed to run on Sunday!) and Courtney had to help Papi (Mendez) with his car. Saturday was pretty uneventful - we went groccery shopping and watched a movie. On Sunday we got up ready to go to Albuergue Olimpico which is the Olympic training center with a wave pool and everything. That would have been great...if it were open to the public! Then we were going to go to El Tuque which is another water park - fun...if it were open still. After 2 strike outs we decided to just watch football and stay home. But Monday was a different story. We were bound and determined to go to another little island. We drove to a town where they usually have boats to take you around. There were no boats since it was Monday but we found a phone number to call for one. The man wanted way too much money and we wouldn't have gotten off of the boat. I was pretty excited about it because we could have snorkeled around a sunken ship and we would have gone to Monkey Island...yes people, an island completely inhabited with monkeys! We decided not to do that and instead drove to Fajardo to catch a boat to Palominito. If you'll recall from a post last March it's the island we went to with Sharon and Wilbur. It's the same on from the cover of the travel book. We found a cheap boat ride out there and hopped on! As we were making our way out there I said to my husband, "I dare you to run around naked on the island!" I knew we would be the only people out there...besides the Dills and Papi. As we pull up to the island Courtney says, "Hey...are those people naked?" Just then I look and see a woman handing her bikini top to her boyfriend as she gets in the water. Then it happened! I looked at the boat next to us and saw a man's "stuff" a little too close the the flaming hot BBQ grill!! We saw 5, count 'em, 5 naked people - 3 women and 2 men! What were we to do? We set up our chairs and the sun shelter away from them as to not be caught could we not look?!?! Papi took pictures of the nakedness!! Katie and I tried to not look and just talked and swam and what not...the men on the other hand were looking and looking and looking!! Who knew we would go to our first nude beach! When we got back on our boat they told us that happens alot when noone else is out there. Wow! And of course as the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em which is exactly what we did! Who wants to come visit now?

Just kidding! Picture time: 1) Miller and Winston on bored was I? 2) A teensy tinsy lizard we found. 3) The Marshes and the Dills before heading to Palominito. 4) Papi and Courtney on the boat. 5) The Marshes on the boat. 6) The two 5K bound K's! 7) Papi being cool on the boat. 8) Courtney with Palomino in the can go there if you're rich enough to stay at El Conquistador. 9) Where we set up camp with the lovely (not naked) island in the background. 10) Just keep swimming...and drinking... 11) Fixing Katie's sand boobs...yep folks, we buried her! 12) Buried alive!!

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