The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, October 28, 2007

"TinkerKel" turns 29

That's right folks, yesterday was my 29th birthday! It didn't start out so great and there was much that a sign of what's to come in my thirties?! On Friday night Courtney and I went to get some things for my party on Saturday. While we were out Brent called and said the power was out. This was at about 6:00 Friday evening. It had been raining all day due to what is now called Tropical Depression 16 and should become Tropical Storm Noel today. (Tropical Storm Noel is official and will should drop an additional 3-5 inches on us today...Lord let it stop!) It rained nonstop Friday, Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, and get the's WET here! Anyway ~ We grabbed dinner and came home expecting to have power. Called the power company many times and each time were today, "Oh sure you'll have power tonight." That's electrical company code for, "Screw you, you're not that important!" After attempting to sleep Friday night in the heat and with all the loud noises that come with living on this island we awoke yesterday morning to, you guessed it, no power! Okay, no problem, it will be on soon. Called the power company again and got the same answer to which I said, "Oh, that means we won't get power today, right?!" We decided to call Tom, another American teacher, to see if he had power which he did. We took all of our things to be charged up over there: cell phones, computers, PSPs, etc. Came home to see about the power, surely it would be on...nope! Back to Tom's to take showers because our Karaoke DJ would be in town around 6:30 to set up and Courtney needed to go be his assistant. Went back to the house to get ready after showering to yet again, no power. Enough of this, we load up all of our costume things and some drinks and head back to Tom's with the Dills to get ready...might as well make the best out of this! Katie and I had fun playing with mustaches that she bought in hopes that Brent would shave his and wear one to be her "gangsta" man to her flapper. Joel (DJ) arrived and he and Courtney head to the bar only to find it locked up and noone there. In the meantime we get a call saying people around town have heard the party is cancelled due to the weather. WHAT?!?! Why would they cancel a party and not tell the people throwing it?!?! I was taking my wig off to go hurt Jorge when Courtney called back and said Jorge was just running late and everything was good. Okay so I had to get ready again. We decided we all needed to eat before partying so Brent went to grab food while Katie and I grabbed a few things from home where we discovered we finally had power!! It was only off for 26 hours this time. So we got food and headed to the bar where there were already party goers, most dressed in costumes. We had an absolute blast! Today will just be recovering and watching football. I should probably clean house too because Hoshi will be here on Thursday for a visit. Enjoy the pics and have a spooktacular Halloween!

Mustaches and wigs are FUN!

Courtney before and after! I can't believe he let Katie put on makeup and he let me paint his nails!!

Friends at the party

The Casa Benny 5 Crew

Sidenote: Honestly people, I did not realize how much skin I was showing until I saw the pictures. I apologize for any feelings of nausea while looking at the pictures!!

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jizzle said...

You look totally cute! I love the picture with the mustaches. Glad you had a great birthday, and I'm sorry I was such an idiot for thinking it was the next day!