The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I'm ready to eat steak!

Not alot to update. We've had a busy but quiet last couple of weeks. A week ago Cael started with a really runny nose because....HE WAS GETTING TEETH!!! Let's see where we begin:

Last Monday I came home after school with a little fever so Courtney took care of Mr. Boy for the evening. I stayed home on Tuesday but Cael went to daycare so I could rest. I still had a fever on Tuesday and that night Cael was up every 2 hours. It was a LONG night! He went to daycare on Wednesday and I stayed home again although I was feeling much better. Wednesday evening was very rough. He screamed & cried from 4:00 until about 8:00. I called my Mom for advice because I had done everything I could think of to get him comfortable. I felt the first tooth popping through that night. Mom ended up coming to the house & spending the night in case we needed her. He did fine that night and slept much better. Thursday and Friday were fine and then we got up for the wrestling tournament on Saturday. I felt his mouth to check on his tooth at 8:30 that morning and there was 1 tooth - same one. At about 10:00 he was chewing on the lid to his bottle and I thought I saw another one. He did it again and I saw it again. So I stuck my finger in his mouth and there it was. Tooth numero dos!!! From 8:30-10:00 he got a tooth and didn't even fuss!!! Yesterday he started to cough a little and this morning it was awful! Poor guy is so congested and hacking. He coughs so hard he turns red and his eyes water. I took him to the Dr. because one of my kiddos at school had croup last week and was at school while contagious, lovely! I wanted to make sure he didn't have that or worse like coming down with RSV. They said it's just the teething and a little head cold on top of that. We're giving him liquid children's Zyrtec and they said it should kick in and help by tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone! Courtney's got a dual tournament Thursday night in Lawrence and another one in Onaga on Friday night. We'll see what happens. I think I'll just check Mr. Boy is doing when I pick him up from daycare. I hope he's better! Other than that we've been pretty low key around here. Wrestling is almost over and then it's on to baseball!

Happy note - Travis & Nicole had baby girl #2 yesterday! KayLynn Grace was born by c-section around 10:30 yesterday. Can't wait to meet her when we're in Salina for state wrestling the last weekend of this month!!

Here is a pic I took at the wrestling tournament a few weeks ago. The boy with Cael is his "Uncle Pineau" as he calls himself. He's one of Courtney's wrestlers. Those high school boys love Cael! He also started sitting in shopping carts & high chairs like a big boy! Lemons taste much better when you're sitting like a big boy. And - he's just too beautiful when he sleeps! Have a great week!

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