The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Family Vacation - fist bump - in Washington D.C.

Well we survived our first family vacation (fist bump) and we learned something. We CAN take vacations with a baby!!! Yay for us! We are exhausted now but it was worth it. Here's a recap of our adventure:

We were up at the butt crack of dawn on Tuesday morning and on the road to the airport at 4:45. We managed to get checked in and were told the flight was empty enough that we could take the car seat with us. Yay! At about 6:00 we gave Cael some Benadryl (Mommy's little helper!) and hoped it would kick in. We made it through security and boarded the plane. Unfortunately, on Southwest Airlines they board section A first and then families with children under 4 years. That meant over half of the plane was boarded by the time we boarded. We decided to go to the back of the plane. It is funny to watch people's faces when you walk on an airplane with an infant. They looked scared! We took off at 6:45 and Mr. Boy drank his bottle. About halfway through take off he fell asleep and stayed that way until we started descending. When we landed their was a couple beside us that were asking all sorts of questions about Cael. They thought he did awesome for that being his first flight. Boy did he ever! On the way out off of the plane we stopped at the cockpit and were able to take his picture as "the pilot".

We got off the plane and found Cool Aunt Joy and got our bags. It only took a few minutes for Cael to warm up to his auntie. From the airport we went to see where Joy works at the University of Maryland. We of course had to stop so I could take a picture with a statue. This is for Katie! His name is Testudo and students rub his nose for good luck during testing week. From there we went to get breakfast before heading to Joy's apartment. She lives in the cutest freaking apartment ever! When we got there Joy & Courtney went to do some shopping for Mr. Boy. We didn't pack much food or diapers because we didn't want to take up that much room. Cael went down for a nap and I took a shower. When they got back we decided we would just hang out at the apartment for the rest of the day so everyone could relax. It was really nice just getting to hang out. Here are a few pictures of our fun at the apartment!

We got up Wednesday and headed to The National Zoo. Courtney & I went to the zoo the last time we visited Joy together and it sucked. I was hoping it had gotten better over the years. Yeah not so much! There had to have been someone important there because a bunch of places were blocked off and there were security men in black standing around. I wanted to go ask who they were there for but Joy & Courtney wouldn't let me. They are party poopers! We finally got parked and headed in to the zoo. No wonder why they let you in for free - parking & food are uber expensive!! They are also doing a lot of construction because we kept trying to get to certain places and then kept having to turn around and go the other way. We did get to see an orangutan go on the O Line and we got to see the mommy & daddy panda of Tai Shan who just got sent back to China. Joy wanted to see a giant octopus that was born there. Courtney & I were excited to see the giant...we didn't know it was a baby! It will be giant eventually. Cael really liked when we went to where they had fish. We're thinking about getting him a fish tank for his room at some point. He did great at the zoo - no melt downs. He even took a little nap! We were all excited to see the Prairie Dogs. Boy do we miss Chilee!! Here are a few pictures from the zoo.

After we left the zoo we went to see the World War II Memorial for our neighbors and then we went to see Cael's future home. Cael of course had to wear the outfit that Bill got him at the inaguration. Mommy will have such a big space to help decorate!!! After that we went to Joy's apartment to relax - if had been a long day!

We got up Thursday morning and decided to take it easy to start. Cael ended up taking a nap for about 3 hours so Courtney & I were able to get some packing done for our flight home. After a 3 hour nap we decided he should be ready to go so we woke him up and headed out. I fed Cael in the car on the way to Union Station. Joy's driving was perfectly fine but it's still difficult to feed a little one baby food in a moving vehicle. I of course had to take a picture. We went to Union Station first to do a little shopping and then we headed to Anapolis, Maryland to Sandy Point State Park. It's a little beach on the Chesapeake Bay and it is fabulous! We took a blanket and sat there while Cael "played" in the sand. He didn't do too much playing, it was more like eating. No, no, it wasn't like eating, it was eating. He really seemed to like running his feet around in the sand and then he figured out he could pick it up. That's when it went right into his mouth of course! I think he might be a beach bum like his parents. He was so calm & content just sitting there listening to the water like Courtney & I are. We got some really cute pictures on the beach. We didn't spend too much time there because it was a little chilly. We had beautiful weather on our trip!! **Look Mom!! Cael even crossed his feet in the sand!**

After we left the beach we drove to Scott & Jason's house. It was so good to see them. We haven't seen them since they were in Puerto Rico so it's been almost 3 years! Scott made some amazing fajitas and we ate & drank & had a good time. We finally got to meet their kitty Ms. Boomer. She enjoyed sniffing Cael's carseat and clothes. We had to get Cael ready for the big KU game....which was not playing where we were. Cael played and had a good time. He fell asleep while we were eating dinner so we laid him down for a nap. Yes it was evening but we knew we'd have to wake him up to take him home. It was nice to be able to hang out with other adults while he slept. We had a great time!! We left there at like 10:00 and had to go to the apartment and finish packing so we could get up bright & early again on Friday. Oy vey were we tired!! Thanks Scott & Jason for having us at your house!! We'll see you in November for Thanksgiving!


We always have to pose Joy with Cael & booze!

Joy as Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel!


We were up bright & early on Friday morning to come home. We left Joy's apartment at 6:30 Friday morning to head to the airport. I again fed Cael in the car. I would say a little more difficult because it was dark but I did a better job that time! We gave him more of Mommy's helper and he fell asleep during take off again! The flight yesterday was completely full so Courtney had to hold Cael while he slept. I was sandwiched in between Courtney & Cael & this guy who fell asleep. It was not the most comfortable flight! We got home around 10:15 and it was cold! WHAT?!?! We just left beautiful weather and now we are back to crappy weather! Anyway - we got home safe & sound and I am so glad we came home yesterday. I can't imagine if we had come back today in the snow! It was fun to see Cael & the dogs together again. We could not have asked for a better first family vacation....fist bump. Thank you Cool Aunt Joy for letting us come visit you!! We had the best time ever and can't wait to come back!! We'll see you in June for Cael's birthday!


DancerInDC said...

Fun pictures!

We're so glad you were able to stop by for a visit. It was such a treat for us as well! You know the 3 of you are welcome to visit anytime. (Joy also, but don't tell her we said that.)

jj said...

Thanks for coming to visit me! Remember that you are moving here. I'll start sending you house listings and look for jobs for you!

I want a big old copy of the last picture.

DancerInDC said...

Oh, and sorry for that KU loss today! What a drag - guess the President isn't winning his bracket this year.

At least I'm saved from watching KU knock out my own hometown favorite, Michigan State.