The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wrestling's over, baseball is starting up & we have a sick baby

We went to State wrestling last weekend in Salina and it sucked!! Our boys did not do that great but that isn't what was so bad about it. The people that worked there were very rude, there was hardly anyone there to watch (Hays is always packed for State!) and Courtney was going to have to pay to eat in the hospitality room. How can you call it a "hospitality room" if you're going to make them pay?!?! It should have been called a "coach's concession room". Needless to say he did not eat in there. It was even cheaper for both of us to eat at the concession stand than it would have been for just him in the "hospitality" room. We were done first round Saturday morning so we went to lunch with Donna & Calvin, Sharon, Travis, Nicole, Alta & KayLynn. We had a nice lunch and just hung out before going back to watch the placing rounds. We stayed for a little bit of finals and were even disappointed in how that was done. There was hardly anyone there to watch that either! Finals is definitely the best part of State at Hays. It's packed and there is so much energy! I will say there were a few nice things they did in Salina that maybe they should consider doing at Hays. 1) To start the tournament on Friday they do a parade of champions. The boys stand with their schools and they hold up a sign with their school name on it. Then they walk around the mats so everyone can see all of the wrestlers. 2) Finals are done on a center mat under a spot light. It's just kind of cool. Finals in Hays are done on a center mat but not under a spot light. 3) To hand out medals they all walk over to the awards stand together to a song and a cheerleader from their school gives them their medal. That was pretty neat. Other than that it sucked!

The best part of last weekend was that it happened in Salina so we got to see family. We went early on Thursday and took the boys to see Courtney's wrestling room in Minneapolis. Aunt Kim and the girls at the district office made a sign to welcome him home. She had put up a bunch of pictures of him from High School and one of Cael that says, "That's my Daddy!" It was really neat and now we have it at home. I'm thinking about framing it....don't tell Courtney! After that Courtney took the boys to Rock City. OMG they loved it there! They crawled all over the rocks and took lots of pictures. They had a blast! Thursday night we went to bed early so we could get ready for Friday. Unfortunatley "Uncle Pineau" got beat out Friday (160 lbs. was a stacked weight class!) but Jared made it through to Saturday. We went back to Rock City Friday evening so the parents could see it. Seriously?! Rock City?! Not such a big deal when you grew up with it! We took Cael Friday and got his picture by a rock. :) We ate at Golden Corral that night and the boys went crazy! There should be a rule against taking a team of wrestlers to an all you can eat buffet! Saturday we went to wrestling and Jared lost. Courtney, Cael & I spent the night with Calvin & Donna Saturday night and got to hang out with Dustin, Curtis & Grant so that was a lot of fun!

We came home Sunday and got ready for the week. On Monday Cael woke up with a runny nose and the start of a cough. I took off work at 11:30 to get him because he had been screaming and just unhappy all day. I thought it was just teething because that's how it all started last time. Tuesday he woke up at 3:00 am for a bottle and he was burning up. I took his temperature and it was 101.4!! We gave him some Tylenol and it broke pretty quick but Courtney took the day off and stayed home. By yesterday he had a pretty bad cough and would cough until he threw up. I called the Dr.'s office to ask what else I could give him to help him out. Dr. Yu said he wanted to see him. I'm soooo glad we took him in. They swabbed his nose and it came back positive for RSV!!! In case you don't know what that is, Dr. Yu described it as "the mother of all viruses". It can be deadly in a baby if not caught in time! He has even hospitalized 4 babies in the last 2 weeks with RSV! Thank God we caught Cael's in time and he doesn't need to be hospitalized. We are pumping him full of fluids, giving him antibiotics for a possible ear infection & giving him breathing treatments every 4 hours when he's awake. Last night when we got home he went to bed at about 6:15 and slept until 4:30! He got up then and I gave him a breathing treatment & medicine at 6:00 and he's now asleep. I hope he sleeps all day! That's the best thing for him right now! I might take some pictures of him with his "fish mask" on if he'll let me when I give him a treatment this afternoon. We'll see! We aren't going to be able to go home this weekend now because he is contagious and he just needs to stay home and rest. Have a great rest of the week...we're going to try to! :)

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