The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cael's birthday party

Well, we survived Cael's first birthday & his first birthday party. I really don't have many pictures at all because Amy was there taking them for me. She got lots of pictures of him eating his cake. She got a few of him with his presents but to be honest Courtney & I opened most of them. Cael was more interested in seeing who was there & cruising around. It rained the day before and the morning of his party so we ended up doing it in our garage. That was probably the best place for it. Our final head count at the party was 51. 51!!! Can you believe it?!? 51 people at a party for a 1 year old!!! My son already knows 51 people?!?! Wow!

Things went great at his party! Joy & I made the light saber cakes (post dedicated completely to that coming up!) and they turned out fabulous...if I do say so myself. We had a BBQ with family at 11:30 and Cael took a nap just before that like I wanted him to. Then he fell asleep for a little nap in between the BBQ & his party at 3:00. The party was a little rushed because it was so stinkin' hot but it was great. We stripped Cael to his diaper & let him dive into his cake. Then we let everyone else eat cake. Thank goodness my mom & Joy made 3 more cakes or we might not have had enough! We ended up having 1 yellow light saber cake, 1 chocolate light saber cake, 1 lemon cake, 1 apricot cake & 1 chocolate cookie sheet cake. PLUS 2 tubs of ice cream!! We really didn't have that much left over either. We tried to make Yoda cookies on Saturday but it was a failure! We used sugar cookie dough which rises too much. They looked great before they were put in the oven. By the time they got out of the oven you couldn't see his face at all. So we ended up not making cookies. Oh well!

I'll post his 1 year pix & party pix when I get them from Amy!

Dad making cookies for the first time & our Yoda...before the oven took his face away!

Cael cruising in his new wagon from Granddad & Grandma Marsh.

Checking out cousin KayLynn.

Cael can have his cake & eat it too!!

Mommy & Daddy opening Cael's presents & Courtney's friend Chad holding Cael. Apparently Chad doesn't hold babies much so Courtney had them take a picture.

Play us a song you're the piano man!! Cool Aunt Joy got Cael his first piano! I don't know why he insists on standing up to play it.

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Brent, Katie and Hattie said...

I kept waiting to see these pictures!! Looks fun...just wished we lived closer so we could have been there too! But....we get to see you all soon!! Love ya!