The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Year One

Dear Cael,
Well Baby Love it's the night before your 1st birthday. Where has the time gone?! You are sleeping & I am waiting for Aunt Joy to get here from the airport. You have a fever that I am hoping breaks before the morning. I don't want you to spend your first birthday sick!!

What a year it has been! You have changed our lives so much. We can't even remember what we did before you! We used to sleep in on the weekends & now we are up watching cartoons. We used to get a full nights sleep & now we sometimes get to sleep, it depends on the night! I had so much fun with you during wrestling & baseball. We went lots of places this year - you are a well traveled boy. The holidays this last year were so special because you were there. I can't wait for your birthday party this weekend!!

You amaze us every day by what you can do. Now you are starting to pull yourself up & walk while holding on to things. Pretty soon you'll be walking on your own. I'm sure your dogs will take go after something & you will go off after them. I can't wait for you to start walking & talking with real words. You have mastered your stacking rings & now you are working on fitting the shapes into the right place on your ball. You have now figured out how to use both hands to get them to fit the right way.

You make us laugh & smile every day. I love to pick you up from daycare & see how excited you get when you realize I'm there. And then when we get home & you get to see your Daddy you are just as excited. I live for your gummy smile! You are getting more teeth though so it's not as gummy now! You love to clap at yourself in the mirror & any time someone says, "Yay!". Just tonight you were standing up holding on to the bathtub & you were dancing & laughing when your dad & I would sing the "Hot Dog" song. It was so funny!!

This has been the scariest, most challenging, most tiring, best, most wonderful year of my life. Thank you for picking me to be your Mommy. I will always be here for you. You are my heart.

Sleep well Baby Love.
I love you,

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