The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, December 31, 2010

For Katie!

Okay - since I have to take pictures with statues and things like that you can imagine I was in HEAVEN when I saw this in the sand at the harbor.  You can see all the different body parts coming out of the sand and of course, I took a picture with each part.  I even had special ideas for how to pose with each part!

 Look!  I'm TOE JAM!  Get it?

 I had to show off my muscles just like him!

I tried to lay in the hand to be like King Kong but I kept sliding off. 

He's touching my bum!

I guess you CAN pick your friends nose!

 I had to rub up on his leg.  Joy wanted me to hump his leg....I don't think so!  (There were too many people there watching me already!)

No, no, don't eat me!!

 I told you you could pick your friends nose!

 Take that!

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