The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Branson, MO

Last week we went on our family vacay to Branson, MO, to see the Dills.  We really had a great time!  We got there around 1:00 on Sunday afternoon & checked into our hotel.  Cael & I took a little nap until Kate called and they were settled in to their condo & ready for a visit.  We drove out to their place near the lake & Cael and Hattie were reunited!  They were so stinking cute playing together!  We ate dinner with them and hung out for a while.

On Monday we got up and went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.  It was really interesting!  Cael enjoyed looking at the different things - especially if it was something he could touch, of course.  After that we had lunch and then it was off to our timeshare talk.  It was pretty boring to say the least.    We didn't give the guy anything to work with.  We sat there watching Cael play most of the time.  When we were supposed to ride the bus to the houses we took our own van so we would have his car seat.  Then we had Courtney's alarm go off & we pretended it was the Dills calling to say they were in town.  They "called" again to say they needed diapers!  After that we went to the hotel to swim & then grabbed dinner.  Cael didn't have a nap at all that day so he was wiped out early.  He was asleep by 8:30.....okay so was Mommy!

Tuesday we decided to go for a ride on the ducks.  The ducks are a "boat" that has wheels under it.  They drove us around Branson, over to the dam & then took us into Table Rock Lake.  It was really neat!  Before you get on the boat you get a duck bill that makes noise & they take your picture.  We didn't buy our pic because Cael wasn't even looking at the camera!  Cael just sat & chilled on our ride.  He loves his duck bill!  After that we went to the hotel for a nap & then headed to the Dill's condo for dinner & more visiting.

We got up Wednesday morning to go to The Waltzing Waters and got our tickets.  Unfortunately the wait was too long for Cael (15 minutes) and he started to throw down!  We ended up leaving without seeing the show!  Oh well.  We did make it to a store that had some statues next to it.  Cael is really in to making animal sounds right now.  If he sees an animal that he knows the sound for he will do it.  He saw these and went nuts!!

We drove home Wednesday afternoon.  Cael did so good in the car on the way home!  He really is just a good traveler!  We've asked a lot of him this summer as far as traveling and he has done amazing.  I know, I know I brag on my boy a lot but he really is AMAZING!!!!

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