The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 - The Year of The Deer

First of all - Happy 2009 everyone!! I hope your 2009 is as fabulous as I'm sure ours will be. How can it be anything but fabulous when there are 6 little babies that I know that will be born?! I'm really excited for the first of those bundles to be born in 4-6 weeks to my friend Anne. The is #5 for her so all should go smoothly, right?! I know the baby's name but have been told it's a secret. Man - 2008 was the year for Kelly to learn to keep secrets!! After that will be Hattie Jean in Texas - I can't wait to see her kicking in a few weeks!! Next in line will be our new neice Madison Renae in May (Courtney's step sister Becca is the Mom) and then pulling up the rear will be Gretchen's baby, Angelia's baby, and our baby all in June. Whew! This year is going to go so fast!!

Okay - so a few days ago Courtney was at wrestling practice and I had taken up post on our couch downstairs in the family room. I was watching TV and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving by our deck. I got up to see what it was and it was a deer! I quickly went to grab my camera. Where did my camera go? SOMEONE in our house (not me I can assure you that!) seems to think a nice camera should be put away in it's case instead of laying on the entertainment center. Crazy!! Anyway - I find my camer and snap a quick picture before it goes away.

Well that deer does not in fact go away it decides it needs to "do some business" in my yard. While it's "going" another deer walks up to greet it. I snap another picture - not realizing deer #1 is still going #2. I will not post that picture because I know this is a family blog. I did end up getting several pictures of the deer duo and then began to wonder why my dogs were so calm. I turned off the camera and looked down at Miller & Winston to ask them why they weren't freaking out.

That is about the time M & W started to get a little agitated but weren't going completely nuts. I look back up and see that 6 more deer have joined the first 2. Holy cow!!! There are 8 deer in my yard?!?! I go to snap a picture as all 8 are nicely together in a huddle but a camera won't snap a picture when it isn't turned on!! By the time I get it turned on and zoomed in the boys are going nuts and calling all the other dogs in the neighborhood to join them. I was able to snap a picture of 5 of the deer together while the other 3 had begun to run. There are 2 behind the tree and 3 together.

I then tried to get all 8 in the photo as they jumped over the fence into our neighbors yard but that darn first deer was so fast! I was only able to get 7 of them. Then I needed to get the dogs outside so they would shut up but I couldn't until the deer were completely gone or you'd see this pregnant lady chasing Miller over a fence and through the woods!! I don't think that would be a pretty sight - you?

So that's our exciting events of the past week. Be sure to check in after the 14th for sonogram pictures of our baby. I will post those pics as long as you all promise not to stalk the baby. Those are my hubby's words - not mine. Oh - and you have to promise to not give us any grief if we decide not to find out the sex.


ScottE. said...

Wow...that's cool.

Mar said...

I never knew the sex of any of my three kids. There aren't many surprises left in the world and I loved hearing what my babies were the second they were born! You won't hear any grief from me! (But if you chnage your mind, I do understand about the baby's room etc.)

joyous said...

Did you realize that the name Ryan works for a boy or a girl? Then you all would seriously be the ambigious sex family!