The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're Having A.....

BOY!!! I am shocked!! I would have bet money that it was a girl - and I would have lost! We went to our sonogram today and she asked if we wanted to find out. We couldn't decide so she decided to do the measuring first. We looked at everything and let me tell you, this boy moved the entire time!! At one point she said, "Are you going to sleep?" and about that time I coughed. Well that made him move. Then he slapped himself in the face which made me laugh and made him move. Then he slapped his knees. He weighs 7 oz., about the size of my fist, and already he's a ham!! He is Courtney's son!! It came time to decide if we were going to find out and I asked Courtney what he wanted to do. I looked at him and he pulled a quarter out of his pocket...we flipped for it!! Heads we find out, tails we don't. The sonographer laughed because she had never seen anything like that before. As you can guess it was heads. Then she told us that when she first touched my belly she had to move the machine because he was showing us what he was and she didn't want us to see it. So when we decided to find out she moved the machine and he rolled over and spread wide. She looked at Courtney and said, "Well Coach, what is it?" His eyes got HUGE and he said, "That's a boy!!" SHOCKED!!! I'm thrilled, of course, because we saw that he has everything he needs: we saw his heart, bladdder, kidneys, 2 legs, 2 arms, all his fingers and toes. But I can't help but feel a little twing of disappointment because I LOVE our girl names we had picked out. Boy names on the other hand - no clue!! We have a few names that we like but none of them are really making us that excited. Good thing we've got 5 months to decide. We'll probably wait until he's born to see what he looks like. I am officially 17 weeks and 5 days which puts me due on June 19th. The interesting part of my dates are I found out I was pregnant on my Grandma Johnson's birthday (October 10th) and I'm due on my Great Grandpa Bortz's birthday (June 19). Here are a few more pictures of our boy!

That's a big foot!!

Look at my baby boy's face!! So cute! (Still a little alien like but cute!!)

I told you he was a ham - he's smiling!! :)


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Dancer in DC said...

Awesome - congrats on the boy!

But if you name him "Twain," I'm going to have to ridicule the poor lad forever.