The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day Fun!

I finally uploaded the pictures I took at our Mother's Day BBQ last Saturday. It was nice to have Grandma Butler & Aunt Kim up in this area for a weekend. They came over with Mom & Dad and the Bridges family came over for dinner. Courtney and I had a busy day of cleaning, laundry, buying baby stuff from a friend (Thanks Michelle!) and shopping for our BBQ. On Friday the Mom's of my students came for a "Mother's Day Tea Party". The class spent the week making books & hats for their Moms. The hats turned out so beautiful that I decided to make one for the Moms that were going to be at my house on Saturday. I gave them to the Moms Saturday and made them wear them long enough for pictures....then we got silly....

We finally finished the curtains for the nursery closet. In case you haven't heard our fiasco...we have no doors on the closet in the nursery so I decided to make some Snoopy curtains to go with the room. Travis Noon suggested we make curtains to look like Charlie Brown's shirt....brilliant!! I found the perfect yellowy orangey fabric over my spring break and sewed them to fit - not too bad for my first time sewing, I might add. Courtney tried to spray paint the zig zags on one curtain when he had a day off from school but the spray paint went crazy and got all over. Plus it made the fabric crunchy. Well - I got new fabric last week and sewed the curtain again and Courtney and I painted the zig zags with fabric paint. I finished the 2nd one up today and hung them. They look adorable!! I love them in the room!! Thank you, Travis, for such a great idea! The nursery is basically done - the last load of baby clothes that we have is in the wash right now. I thought for the longest time that we had too many clothes but now it doesn't look like so many! I can't believe that in 5 weeks or so we will have a little man to fill the nursery - that's all that's missing!

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