The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am still waiting on our maternity photos. We have seen them online but I'm waiting to post them until I have the CD. (Online they have PROOF written across them.) I will upload some as soon as I get them! :)

Well, I had a Dr. appointment yesterday and it went, well, it went...that's all. I have been noticing quite a bit of swelling lately but yesterday it was very bad. Yesterday morning I tried to put on a necklace that Joy gave me for Christmas and it was too tight. I also wasn't feeling him move as much so I went in for my appointment and told the nurse & Doctor. The nurse weighed me and I had gained 7 lbs. in 2 weeks!!! WHAT?!?! Then she checked my blood pressure and it was elevated a little - nothing major. When the Doctor came in we talked and he said my weight gain was all water weight - which I've been trying to tell him for a few weeks now. Then he checked for the heartbeat and it was faint and not in the same place as it usually is. The lady at the 3D ultrasound a few weeks ago said he was heads up and apparently she's right! He kept making funny faces while he was listening for the heartbeat which freaked me out. He said that the next time he checks me if he gets the heartbeat in the same place he'll do a sonogram and after that if it's still in the same spot he'll take him by c-section. I don't know if that meant he would take him at that time (I will by 37 weeks by then which is full term) or he would schedule a day. Either way I would be fine with it!! He asked how much longer I have in school and I told him 2 weeks. His reply was, "Really? Two FULL weeks?" I took that as him not being very happy about that because then he said, "You are to do nothing on the weekends. 48 hours of nothing!" So he said he would see me in a few weeks and then he looked at my blood pressure and decided I should start coming in every week. He had me go home and do a "kick count" after dinner because I told him I wasn't feeling him very much yesterday. If I failed I needed to go to the hospital to be monitored. He told me if I had any questions or concerns to call the office. So I did the kick count last night and passed. This morning I got up and wasn't feeling him that much so I called the office and was told to go to Labor & Delivery to be hooked up. Courtney & I met there and everything is fine. They did a non-stress test on me which is hooking you up to a monitor to measure the heart rate and I had to click a handle thingy every time I felt him. I didn't feel him that much but his heart rate seemed fine. I was hooked up for about 30 minutes and then told I could leave. Since the Dr. decided that I needed to have "bed rest" on the weekends and he didn't seem thrilled that I still had so much time left in school I got scared that he might put me on bed rest for the rest of the school year so....I decided to take tomorrow & Friday off to try to get things to go down. I wasn't expecting to have to leave in the middle of the day today too for a test so I have to go to the school tonight to get things ready. Ah - the life of an 8 1/2 month pregnant lady! I'm sure everything is fine and will continue to be fine - we might just get to see the little guy earlier than we thought! :)


ScottE. said...

Oooh...good luck...feet up...keep baking that bun!!!!

The Holzwarth's said...

Hey Girl,
I can so relate to everything you are going through. It is scary hearing all that, but thankfully you are far enough into your pregnancy that baby should be just fine. Just listen to your doctor and PUT YOUR FEET UP. Get all the rest you can now and have your husband take care of you. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you!!