The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas....and some wrestling

The last several weeks have been very exciting in the Marsh household. We started wrestling, Cael saw his first snow and we got our first real Christmas tree! Since my last post after our first wrestling tournament we've had 2 more tournaments. Cael has gotten better & better at each tournament. Yesterday we had our home tournament at PRHS and Cael didn't fuss even once! The screaming doesn't bother him, getting passed around to soooo many different people doesn't bother him and having to be held when he takes a nap doesn't bother him. I'm beginning to think we're being spoiled by our first baby because he is so good. I can see my husband not wanting another after how perfect Cael is! Yes, I said perfect. Courtney's team had some placers last week at the Sabetha tournament. Two of his boys got first and one got 3rd and all three of them we wearing Cael Sanderson wrestling shoes!! I know that doesn't sound too exciting but the name Cael is on the shoes. See - he's good luck. He'd better keep endorsing those shoes so Cael can have his name on his shoes when it's time for him to wrestle! The best part about the Sabetha tournament was that I got to see some of the students from my very first class! They were 2nd graders and now they are freshmen. It was so cool to see them. I couldn't put the names to each person but once they told me their names I could see it. I wanted to get a picture with all of them but ran out of time. We also got to see Jethro again! He's gotten so big! It was a great day!! Cael has one person that he absolutely loves at tournaments. I take that back, he has several that he loves, but he's got one that he absolutely adores! His name is Art, a.k.a Mr. President, and he is the father of one of the wrestlers. All he has to do is look at Cael and he laughs and bounces up and down. It's so cute! At yesterdays tournament Cael sat in his first circle. When there is a long break the wrestlers lay on the mat in a big circle and tell stories, dirty jokes, etc. Courtney decided that Cael was ready for his first circle yesterday so he took him to it. One of the wrestler's moms said it right - the boys look like bad asses and then the baby comes around and they are little kids! They really adore him which makes me so happy! I don't know what he's going to do when wrestling's over - he'll probably go through wrestling withdraw! He'll be the only 1 year old I know that is inviting high school kids to his first birthday party!

A few weeks ago we had our first 2 snow days for the year. It was pretty exciting because we got about 5 inches of snow. We took Cael outside to see it. He wasn't quite sure what to think of the snow but he did really well. He was very interested in what his dogs were doing because they were running and playing in the snow together. He loves his dogs! The night before it snowed Courtney went and got our Christmas tree. He always said when we had children we would make a tradition of picking out a real tree and cutting it down together. He just went and got it this year because Cael was asleep and we decided he wouldn't really care much this year anyway. So next year we will go pick one out from a tree farm and cut it down. It was nice because we got to put it up and decorate it on our snow day.

This past Friday night I took Mr. Cael to see Santa! I didn't care if he didn't smile, I just didn't want him to scream. I got my wish. He sat in Santa's lap and was very sober. I had to make a fool of myself and dance around singing Neil Diamond to get him to smile. Eventually it worked and we got a great picture. I can't wait for Christmas next week! Joy flies in on Monday night....hopefully....if she can get out of all that snow! I pick her up late Monday night and we've got plans for basically every day she's here. It is going to be the best Christmas! My break started Friday so I am really excited! Tomorrow won't be much fun because I'll be cleaning all day but it will be worth it. Hope everyone has a great Christmas week and I'll be posting lots of pictures!

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