The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good-bye 2009!

This is probably the last time I can post in 2009 because we are supposed to be going to Salina to be with family tomorrow...if the weather cooperates and if my father-in-law is feeling better. Sorry but I don't want my baby boy around Granddad if he's too sick. :(

I think I have said this before but maybe it wasn't here. I am a little sad to see 2009 leave! It has been one of the best years of our lives and it makes me sad to see it go. We couldn't have asked for a better year. It was the year we became parents for the first time. You are only a first time parent once, that is something you can never get back. I think we've done a pretty good job as first time parents. Cael is still alive :), he's healthy, he's happy and he is loved more than any baby on Earth. Well at least by us he is! He has taught us so much about who we are and what we are capable of doing. We can get by on little to no sleep - he is getting better at sleeping though I am still waiting for a full night of sleep! We can survive without a bunch of money. (When have we ever had much?) We can put a car seat in any car and he will be safe! We can pack for a long vacation with a baby and everyone has everything they need. We seem to make him happy. The best part of my day is when I go to pick him up from Tracy's and it's obvious that he knows who I am. He gets excited and bounces up and down cooing at me. I'm sure Courtney loves that part too when he gets home from practice and Cael gives him the same reaction. Just now I was rocking Cael and Courtney came in the room. Cael sat up in my lap and put his arms out to Courtney. He hadn't seen him all evening and obviously missed him. That is enough to make your entire day!

That's the kind of 2009 we've had. I hope yours has been just as wonderful. If it hasn't been then hopefully 2010 will be. Keep checking this little blog we have going on to see how our boy is growing. I can't believe that in a few days we'll have to say that he was born "last year"!!

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