The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall pictures

Cheesing it up at Daddy's sports banquet!

Driving Roger's car!

Grilled Cheese sandwich FUN!

Cael with his friends Zeke & Ray. 

First time eating at his Snoopy table.
This was the last Christmas gift we got from Cael's
Grandma Shirley.

Daddy reading to Cael & Bethany.
We had fun playing with friends!

Ena came over and took some fall family pictures & some of Cael.
We got our Christmas card pictures and I've already
had the cards made.  Mama's on it this year!

1 comment:

jizzle said...

The fourth picture down has killed me. I am dead. I am dead from the CUTENESS!!!!!!

Also, you look very pretty, and Courtney looks...hairy. And pretty.