The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

We finally had a chance to carve Cael's pumpkin the other night.  Courtney started and Cael wanted to keep his distance.  We tried to get him to help but instead he would say, "No Daddy!  It gooey!"  So funny - where does he come up with this stuff?  He touched a couple of seeds but that was about it!

We went to State cross country on Saturday at Rim Rock Farm in Lawerence.  Thank goodness it wasn't too far away!  Cael still got to sleep - he didn't have the best night on Friday!  They did okay at state.  Not as good as everyone was expecting.  I'm glad cross country is over!!

Saturday night we went to Tracy's house for a bouncy house party.  Cael wasn't so sure about playing with the other kids....until Courtney & I left!  We left so he could have fun & we went to have a beer.  Things have been stressful for Cael too and he needed a little time without Mommy & Daddy.  We have taken him out of daycare and he misses Tracy and his friends!  This week he's at daycare so I can go through ALL of my school stuff.  It's a tough week!

Cael's finished pumpkin!  He wanted the cats and then at the last minute wanted the ghosts.

 Here's our little Darth Vader!  Yes, we stayed with the Star Wars costume theme!  Last year a week after Halloween I got an e-mail that Wal-Mart had this costume for like $3.00 so I jumped on it!  As we were putting it on last night I was praying it would fit.  It did!  I don't think Cael liked how it fit and maybe the velcro was itchy.  He did soooo great!  He would go up to the door & yell, "Twick Tweat!"  He would even yell it before anyone came to the door.  Then he had good manners and said thank you to everyone!  He got a sucker at the very first house and it lasted the entire time!  Yay!!

Getting ready to head out for the night!

 Yes, I was THAT mom!  This was his first house he went up to!  What a surreal feeling watching him walk up to a house to trick or treat.  My boy is growing up toooooo fast!!

 LOVE these pictures of Cael & daddy!

Still has the sucker from the first house.  This was when we got home.

 Wow - that must have been alot of sugar in 1 sucker!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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