The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cael's first appointment

Cael had his first Dr. appointment today. He is 5 days old but it seems like he's been here a lot longer! We went to see Dr. Yu and the appointment went great. We really like Dr. Yu. He talks to us like we're normal people and not like we're stupid first time parents. Anyway! Cael weighed 6 lbs. 2 oz. today!!! Holy cow! The doctor seemed happy with that because lots of newborns don't make it back to thir birth weight until 2 weeks or so after birth. He was so small when he was born though that he's still only in the 10th percentile for his "height". The whole height thing was confusing because in the hospital they said he was 19.5 inches and today they said 19. I know he isn't shrinking! Things are going great at home with him. He's up 2 times during the night and the 3rd time it's time to get up anyway. Last night he went to sleep at 11:00, was up at 1:00 and 4:00 and then again at 7:30. It's taking some adjusting but we're doing good with it. Courtney gets up with me so that's nice. The only issues we've had are he still is having issues latching on so I have to pump and feed it to him with a bottle. I'm ahead of him on feeding for now but that won't last much longer. The other issue is he hadn't pooped since Saturday night. We told Dr. Yu this and he told us to put 2 tsp. of dark caro syrup in his bottle 3 times a day. We did it when we got home and voila! If you have a baby having trouble "going" - stick with 1 tsp. of syrup. We'll put it this way - when I changed him, it took 3 diapers!!! I'm sure he feels much better now.

We had a crazy first weekend home. We got here Friday afternoon and had my family (including Joy who surprised us by flying home!) and Courtney's family here. Saturday it was us and our 2 families again. Aunt Sandi came up and the Bridges family came over also. On Sunday Aunt Sharon and Wilbur brought Grandma Parsons and Grandma Hoard up for the afternoon and Calvin & Donna left. I know!! Grandma Hoard not only came to Leavenworth but she did on a SUNDAY!!! We were shocked! This must be one special boy! Today we had his Dr. appointment and one of Courtney's colleagues came over for a little while. Overall things are going well and we are just enjoying our time with our little man!

Cael and Cool Aunt Joy

Cael's first sponge bath

4 Generations of Marshes: Great Grandma Parsons, Granddad Calvin, Courtney & Cael

4 Generations of Hoards: Great Grandma Hoard, Great Aunt Sharon, Courtney & Cael

Cael and Great Uncle Wilbur

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