The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Splish Splash, Cael Took a Bath!

It finally happened....Cael's cord stump fell off! What does that mean? It means he can be submerged in water and not have to just get a sponge bath! Woo Whoo!!! Mom & Dad came over last night to get new pictures of the boy to take to the Goodwyn family reunion next weekend in OK. I really would like to go to the reunion but I can't travel farther than 2 hours away for another week and a half. I suppose I probably wouldn't go even if I could travel farther just because that's quite a trip when I'm still a little sore at times. Anyway! They came over and we had dinner and took pictures and Cael finally pooped!! (Again...) Woo Whoo!!!! He made so much stink that we HAD to give him a bath. I was glad to give him one anyway so my Mom could show us what to do. I've never bathed a tiny baby before and I was a little nervous to do it. It was nice to have Mom & Dad here too because Courtney could take pictures while I helped and then I could take pictures while he helped. Things are still going well. Cael usually gets up once a night. We change & feed him between 10 & 11 and then he will sleep anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Hopefully tonight he will SLEEP because he has been fussy all day. I would say he's probably only slept for a few 2 hour naps today which is really strange. I think he's going through a growth spurt because he's been fussing and really hungry. This week is going to be pretty quiet. No doctor appointments this week so that's good. We are going to run to my Mom's office sometime this week and then probably go to wrestling practice on Wednesday night (Courtney will wrestle and Cael and I will walk around the track). Saturday we are going to Sabetha for a little while for Allyn's Graduation party and then next Tuesday Joy comes home!!!!!! We are excited to get to spend lots of time with her. Have a great week!

Dr. Clamurro came up to meet Cael yesterday.

Cael's first bath!

Ahhh!! That's so much better!

First real family picture.

I asked my Grandma Butler to make this picture for us. I gave her the picture and just asked her to make it pretty. This is what she ended up painting. I am so excited about it!! It turned out perfect and it is something Cael will have forever that was painted by his Great Grandma.

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triciadaniels said...

Cael is such a skinny little booger!!