The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cael is growing up

I know, I know that's what he's supposed to do.  He did something tonight when I put him to bed that I knew would happen eventually I just wasn't prepared for it to happen right now.

We've been working on getting him to stay in his own bed at night.  We even had to put a door knob cover on so he can't get out.  The first night it was on he cried & tried to get out for about 2 minutes but slept all night.  The second night he cried & tried to get out for about a minute but then slept all night.  The third night he didn't cry at all and didn't try to get out but he did wake up at 4:45.  I let him go for a while but then got up with him because the alarm was going to go off anyway so I decided what the hell!  Come to find out he had wet through his diaper & wanted changed.  Poor guy!

So tonight we gave him a bath, chilled out in our bed with him & then I took him to bed.  I stayed with him for about 15 minutes & he was still awake.  I told him I loved him & he took the bink out & kissed me.  Then I said, "I'm going to go now."  He started to cry.  I stroked his cheek and said, "You are a big boy now, right?"  He grunted to agree.  I said, "You are such a big, big boy, right?"  He again grunted to agree.  So I said, "Mommy loves you so much and I will see you in the morning."  He took his bink out, kissed me & then.....are you ready....he waved at me.  So I got up and left his room.  He did not come to the door.  He did not cry.  He went to sleep on his own.

I must admit I got a little teary eyed because this was a big step for him.  I know lots of people that will read this will think, "Big deal Kelly!  My kid's done this since they were a baby!"  But it IS a big deal for Cael.  I am the mommy who rocked him to sleep from the time he was a newborn.  I let him show me when he was ready to not be rocked but to just lay on me.  Then I let him show me when he was ready to lay beside me instead of on me.  Now I have let him show me that he understands what I am saying to him and that he knows he is growing up and doesn't need Mommy as much anymore.  I love that he is growing up and is such a smart, sweet, caring boy but there is a part of me that misses the rocking him to sleep at night.

He has learned that he is growing up and doesn't need me as much anymore....and now I have to learn it too.  Not too sure how I feel about this lesson yet.


Karena said...

Hi Kelly. I'm one of your new team mates at Shrinking Jeans. I popped by your blog just to check it out and had to say: I can SO relate to this!! It's both wonderful and melancholy when they take these steps into independence. I think the term *bittersweet* was coined for moments like these!

joyous said...

That boy will always need you. He may not cling to you anymore, but he needs you.

I need you too. So there. I'll come cling to you if that will help.