The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Summer vacay is here!!

I know I need to play catch up so here it goes....

Weather: We have been very lucky lately with our weather.  We had a few nights of scary weather.  A tornado hit Reading, KS which is very close to Emporia.  Another one of course hit Joplin, MO.  That whole week was CRAZY!  Cael spent the night at my parents' house 2 weekends ago so we could celebrate our anniversary early.  While we were driving home a tornado hit Topeka & the sky got very dark in LV.  We decided to have dinner in town & while we were there the sirens started going off.  We drove home & the sirens kept going off for about an hour or so.  We didn't go inside until a black cloud went over our house & the wind picked up and it got COLD!!!  Everything ended up fine though - we didn't even get rain that night!  Last week while I was in school a tornado hit Overland Park close to mom's office.  It was 1 tornado that kept touching down - I think 4 times.  I was able to get a hold of mom to find out she was fine & let Joy know what was going on.  Things have been pretty calm since then.

Kelly & Courtney: A week ago today we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  That's about it.

Cael: I can't believe it but in a week our little man will be 2 years old!!  When did that happen???  Cael has been his own crazy self lately.  We put up his birthday present from us & Grammy & Papa over the weekend.  We went in together & bought him a swing set.  Courtney, Papa & Roger put it only took 2 days!  I can't wait for us to be able to spend all summer on it!!  I have a feeling mommy & Cael are going to spend all summer swinging away!  He did have some boo-boos happen in the last couple of weeks - he is all boy!  He has several scrapes & bruises on his legs from baseball games, he has what I think is the beginning of a scar on his nose from his Cinco de Mayo mishaps & over the weekend he slipped & smacked his head on the corner of the scale at Grammy's house.  Oh Mr. Boy!

We are having a party tomorrow night for the teachers that are moving away from Courtney's school.  Hopefully people show know the last time we tried to have a party for his school no one came. If that happens again I'm done trying!  I'm glad we have Cael's present up so he & I can be out there.  I have a feeling that's where we will spend most of the party!  Oh well!  On Friday morning Cool Aunt Joy comes to town!!  We are very excited!  She will be in charge of playing with Cael while mommy makes his cupcakes & cake for his birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  We are going to be so busy in the next month or so.  This Saturday is Cael's birthday party, next Friday (on his birthday) we will be heading to OK for our family reunion, the next weekend Grammy & Papa will be in Meade for the other family reunion & then the last weekend we will be in Branson hanging out with the Dills (YAY!!!!!!) and Grammy & Papa will be in Florida with Fabiana & her family!  We wish we could go to Florida to see them but it just didn't work out.

I started May trying out a "May Your Way" challenge...epic failure!!!  I haven't lost any weight and I didn't do the push up challenge like I planned.  I did stay up with my water - until this week - and I did pretty good with my working out - until this week.  I am hoping I can actually get off my lazy ass this summer & lose some weight.  I would LOVE to be at my goal weight by the time school starts but we'll see what happens.  I'm hoping chasing Cael around his swing set all summer will help me out.  And I'm planning on keeping him eating healthy with fruits for snacks instead of crap....we'll see how that one goes too!

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend of when Cael's gift was being set up.  Enjoy!  I will post TONS of pictures from Cael baby's birthday party this weekend - I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

The place is set...

Wood, wood everywhere!!  This only took us over an 
hour to set this all out!

Manly men getting ready to work.

The ladder will NOT be a problem.

LOVE this picture!  You can see his
scale mishap.

What tools can I use?

Need to fix my loader!

I can do it, Daddy!

Things are coming along....

I'm doing it!

Daddy!!  You're supposed to be working not playing!

Daddy & Roger hard at work again!

If Cael wants something done right, 
he has to do it himself!

Climbing up the ladder - for real!

Can I really slide down by myself????

The finished product!  We have a regular playground 
in our back yard!

And Cael LOVES it!!!

Winston did too - until he got clocked in the head.

Daddy can ride too!

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