The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Cael's party

Not a ton of pictures from Cael's birthday party because I was a little busy. I had to open all of his presents because he didn't want to do it himself.  He wanted to play with the first present we opened and then he wanted to be anywhere but beside me opening presents!  Oh well!  We had another good turnout for his party.  He is so spoiled!  His food turned out pretty cute & tastey but I'm not sure if anything will ever top his light sabers from last year! 

Chocolate motorcycles that took forever to make but tasted so good! 

So I was a little disappointed in Cael's motorcycle cake.  And then he didn't want to eat it anyway!!  Oh well!

 Putting my Cricut to good use!

AJ wanted to help him out!

Forget about the cake - there are chocolate motorcycles to be eaten!

 Whoah!  This is good!!

Cael's present from Granddad & Grandma Marsh.  There's room for you, Hattie Jean!

 You'll shoot your eye out!

 Playing in his "Wiggly Waterpillar" from Ena!

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