The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, August 04, 2006

Casa Marsh

We arrived safely in San Juan and our headmaster picked us up. We took the long way to Guayama through the mountains. We also stopped at a pig roast to eat & drink pina coladas, all on our headmaster! Here's the story on our house...the man that is in charge of our finances & housing has a brother, Benny, that owned a big blue house. The school bought the house from Benny & they made it in to 3 smaller houses. The complex itself is called "Casa Benny" and the 3 houses are named after Benny's children: Tino, Bebo & Annette. Courtney & I are now living in "Annette". It's pretty nice. It's got a living room, large kitchen, 1 small bedroom, a bigger bedroom, and a bathroom. We also have a large space in the back that's fenced & roofed in that we share with our neighbors. There are 2 sinks, 2 washing machines, & a grill. We've now used the grill twice with our neighbors that just got married. We actually met them at the recruiting fair in Iowa in February. is a picture of the outside of our house. I'll post some of the inside once I get some good pictures taken.

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Mar said...

Sounds like you are adapting quite nicely to your new habitat!