The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Life's STILL a beach...

Okay now I'm getting a little frustrated! I don't think the BLOG people like all my pictures. Let's try to finish this one...

We also learned yesterday that Miller is not a beach dog. We wonder if he's afraid of the water. He refused to go near the water, even for a family picture. He also didn't like the wet sand in his paws and spent most of the time biting his paws. He was, however, content sitting in the sand with Courtney who also does not like the water.

On our way to Punta Tuna we stopped at a restaurant in Patillas called Tranquilidad which sits right on the Caribbean Sea. We had a drink and a few appetizers and watched the pelicans dive into the water to get fish. It was pretty entertaining. We also saw several crabs crawling around. They were close to our feet so we kept a good eye on them. It wasn't a very sunny day but it was still beautiful. Here's Katie & I with our drinks. I got a Midori Sour that they put a piece of Star Fruit on the side of. When you cut this fruit into slices it looks like a star. It was pretty neat!

See the star?!?

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triciadaniels said...

Where is the justice? Courtney has access to WARM, SUNNY beaches and he doesn't even like water; you are never more than 72 miles from the ocean in England, yet the minute I put my boy's little feet in the water they turned blue, and this was in July! It's not fair! Sounds like you guys are having a great time.