The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Life's a Beach!

Katie, Brent, Miller, Winston, Courtney, & I decided to go exploring yesterday for Courtney's birthday. We drove through some towns (and the mountains) to try to find Punta Tuna which is supposed to be a beautiful beach with a Lighthouse. Well, we drove and found a pretty nasty place and decided to ask where we needed to go. Brent asked how to get to Punta Tuna and the guy said, "This is it.". It's pretty safe to say we were disappointed. So we turned around and found a little road, turned on it and saw a MUCH better place to visit. There were only a few old people there so we basically had most of it to ourselves. We looked over our shoulders and saw the Lighthouse. Apparently we just needed to drive a little farther down the road to find the "3 miles of white sand beach" as according to Frommer. We were happy where we were though so we just hung out for a while. What a beautiful view!

We learned yesterday that Winston is a beach dog! The two of us ran up and down the beach, he played with the water coming up the sand, he drank the water, etc. He really had a ball!

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