The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

School started & we bought a car...BUSY week!

Yesterday was a big day for the Marshes. We started school at GuamanĂ­ Private School and had a full day. (That's a picture I took of us before we left the house.) I began another year of teaching first graders...that don't speak much English! I take that back, some of them speak it well and some speak none! It's quite interesting trying to communicate with them. I am using even more hand gestures than I usually do! My hubby is now teaching 5th & 6th grade Language Arts & Reading. Can you believe he's actually enjoying himself?! My first day of school was definitely nothing to write home about. We'll put it this way...I had my prep period from 9:50-10:40 and I was talking to another teacher. In walks my husband and my tears started flowing! It was a ROUGH day! His day was pretty good so it made up for my bad day. It's taking some getting used to getting called "Missy" instead of Mrs. Marsh and Courtney is "Mister"...with a cute little accent! People here are constantly getting me & our neighbor, Katie, confused. The first time our headmaster, Mr. Delgado, saw us together he said we looked like sisters. Now at school our principal, Mrs. Rodriguez, is always calling Katie Kelly and me Katie. It's kind of funny. Yesterday we walked out of our houses at the same time and saw that we were basically wearing the same outfit! I think I've found my twin!!

After my bad day at school we drove 45 minutes to Ponce and bought a car. We went to Ponce on Sunday with our neighbor, Mr. Rivera, and found a really nice '97 Ford Explorer (I know...can you imagine Courtney driving a Ford?) that we were going to buy. All of a sudden Courtney decided we should take it out on the highway. We did and discovered that the transmission was ALL messed up. It was shifting gears, dropping gears, slowing down, you name it. So we went back and told the guy no. He felt bad so he told us about a kid that works there that was getting ready to sell his '96 Isuzu Rodeo. So we test drove it, shook hands, it's ours...the only catch is that we would have to come back to Ponce on Monday to get the title transferred to our name. No problem! We get there Monday and the kid's an hour late. He finally arrives and we're ready to go to the building to take care of business. Next thing we know a man from the dealership comes out and says the car's never been put in the kid's name so all we have to do is give him a copy of our driver's licenses and they'll mail us the completed title information. Basically people we could have taken the car home on Sunday and saved ourselves a trip! ANYWAY! We got home safely last night and all is well. Today we took Miller & Winston for a ride in their new wheels. They loved it! I took pictures of them case you haven't figured it out, I am becoming a picture taker!!

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