The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday...Part Deux

This BLOG thing can get a little tricky. It was giving me problems with putting up pictures so hopefully this will work better. Here are more pics from Courtney's birthday party on Friday night. Katie & I baked & decorated a cake for him. It will make sense if you've read our previous posts (see "Just another night in Puerto Rico" if you're confused).

Winston had a ball in his Tinkerbell party hat. In case you didn't know, my husband has a crush on the little fairy!

Courtney & the boys just hanging out! That's Brent, Courtney, Harry, & Elvin. Harry is Lisa's husband and Elvin is Kisha's husband.

Trying our hands at salsa dancing...what a great way to lose a few pounds! It's harder than it looks!! I'm dancing with Harry, Courtney's with Lisa and Katie's with Kisha. I think we're going to try to go salsa dancing some night at a club...sounds like fun! Come on down and you can go with us!

We are having a ball down here in Guayama but we do miss our friends and family terribly!! We wish you could have been here to help Courtney celebrate. I think he had a good time but you know, things are always better with your friends & family around! Keep checking out what we're up to...I know we've got LOTS of adventures yet to come!

We love you all,

Kelly & Courtney

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