The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Beachin' it up in Puerto Rico

We all needed a day to relax after our week at school so the "Casa Benny 5" as we're calling ourselves loaded up and went to Maunabo to the "Lighthouse Beach" or Punta Tuna. Courtney & I drove our Rodeo (with the air conditioning now running thanks to Courtney & his dad!) with ALL of our stuff including Miller & Winston. The Dills took their car fully loaded complete with our 5th housemate, Clate. The beach we were at is basically secluded and there are no stray dogs around which is unusual for around here. That meant that we could let the boys run around without leashes which was really nice for them. We were so pleased with how they did. We never had to chase them down and we only had to yell their names a few times to find out where they were. We found an open area back in the trees for some shade, put a hook in a tree to hang things, opened the beach chairs and the cooler and spent the day relaxed. We made sandwiches that were in the cooler and brought plenty of drinks to keep us hydrated...well Katie, Clate, & I drank plenty of things to keep us hydrated. Brent & Courtney took a different approach and stuck to their beer. Here's a picture of where we were "camped out".

The picture is not deceiving...the water really was that blue. I was behind our chairs where Miller & Winston were laying...

They were so tired after playing and running all day. Courtney went to Wal-Mart before we left and bought a football and frisby and much of the day was spent keeping the football away from Winston. We had a great time just throwing the ball around...preparing for the Cowboys game today!!!

We learned a few things during our friendly football playing: 1) I can't throw but I can catch; 2) Katie can't catch but she can throw; 3) It's hard to run in the sand...wet or dry; 4) Footballs are hard to throw when they are wet...or covered in sunscreen.

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