The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Comforts of home?!

Okay so this isn't very comforting but it makes for an interesting story. If you recall, the first gift I ever bought Courtney when we were dating was a tarantula named Dimentia. She passed away a couple of years ago which means we had her for about 10 years. Last night Courtney was sitting outside with our neighbor, Clate, when they saw something crawling across the ground. They thought it was a big spider so Courtney turned on the outside light to further investigate and he disovered a tarantula!!! He caught it under a dog bowl and then we put it in a glass jar. We brought it to our Science teacher today and yep, it's a tarantula. Okay, I knew about the monkeys, centipedes, and lizards running around PR but not tarantulas! I used to walk around outside barefoot...don't think I'll continue to do that! Here is a picture of our creature. I guess it's safe to say that my hubby is no longer just the "Lizard King" but he's also the "Tarantula Hunter"! *The pictures isn't that great because I was scared to get too close. BIG difference between a tarantula that is sweet and stays in a cage (Dimentia) and one running loose on my patio! JOY: Do you want to come back to visit now?!*

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joyous said...

Yes I do.