The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Old San Juan & Miller news

I took a few pictures of Old San Juan to share with you. This is the main place where cruise ships that come to PR dock. Right now is the off season so we didn't really see any big ships. A storm was getting ready to move in so the sky looked very cool.

Curtis, these goats are for you!! We saw these statues when we parked our car to go to El Morro. As soon as we saw them we knew we had to get pictures just for you.

And last, there's no picture to add just some news about Miller. Courtney has decided that you are not a true wrestler until you & your dog have cauliflower ear. Courtney has a very mild case of it and you can't really see it. Last week we felt Miller's right ear and it was puffy. We watched it for a few days and the puffy spot grew. We took him to the vet on Friday and they had to drain his ear. He had fluid and blood filling a sack in his ear. We went ahead and drained it but if it keeps happening he could have to have surgery. If we ignore it he'll have dog cauliflower ear. We, of course, weren't too happy about having to get his ear poked with a needle but Courtney did kind of think it made for a cool story! Miller is now on 2 kinds of medications and we're not sure but we think it may be filling up again already. We'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.

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