The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"The" Van and Brandemar

We actually saw this van on Saturday at the beach but I forgot about the picture until now. Courtney was in awe of the lovely machine!! We saw the people inside at their sink (yes, you hear me!) washing dishes! Notice the window air conditioner sticking out the side. Maybe we should get one for our Rodeo now...hmmm...

We got home Sunday evening and took it easy that night. We relaxed, ate dinner and went to bed pretty early. We got up Monday morning and went to the city's plaza (see previous post on Guayama) and then went to lunch. We ate at a hotel & restaurant about 10 minutes from our home. It's called the Brandemar. Just a short walk from the restaurant is a beach. It's actually the first beach we discovered when we moved here. Here's a picture of the view from the restaurant.

We decided we wanted to explore the Brandemar beach a little so we went walking on the dock made of rock (I'm a poet!). We saw so many crabs walking around. We actually had a good time checking them out...until the all came up on one rock at the same time. We think they were telling us they wanted us to leave! Here's a picture of one that would let me get close and a pic of Joy & Courtney "crab hunting".

I think Joy wanted to hop in but we decided to go to a few more places before our day was done!

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