The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...continued

FYI: I'm not crazy. After a few pictures it starts to get really slow and won't let you put up pictures on the 1st try. So I've decided that instead of spending 20 minutes trying to put up one picture I would rather start a new post and put them up quickly...anyway!

Here's a picture of the Marshes on the beach...yes, Courtney was still on the phone!

Our other housemate, Clate, was ususally either in the water or running along the beach so he wasn't around much to photograph. Here's one of him laying in the sand.

I know it seems like we do the same things over and over again so you see the same pictures alot. Here are some scenes from the beach that I thought were nice this time. We will be doing some more interesting things I promise!

We spent the entire day at the beach but decided we weren't done. We drove about 30 minutes to a town called Santa Isabel and found a Mexican bar & grill called Tequilla's. We had a great meal and then came home to take care of our sunburned husbands and go to bed. Today we're just waiting for our football games to begin. What a great football weekend! I get to watch the Cowboys today and Courtney gets to see his team, the Redskins, play Katie's team, the Vikings, on Monday night football! Ya can't beat a weekend like this in Puerto Rico!!

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joyous said...

I like the action shot of Courtney running. He's so pretty!